TSA Abuse Post

The following post will be updated as a log of ongoing TSA abuse.


Handicap child forced to remove leg braces and walk. Risking health and injury

Mother harassed over breast milk. Shows TSA workers the official TSA policies; which they ignore and harass her.

Because a little boy needs his penis played with by a TSA. http://www.thebredafallacy.com/2010/11/okay-tsa.html

Maybe the government needs to apologize to the Catholic church as they’ve paid out nearly $2 billion for similar behavior.

More TSA strip search/groping of children…

TSA, make them cry like a little girl

TSA – if fear doesn’t make you piss your pants, the TSA will do it for you.

TSA – breast cancer victim? prove it…shows us your fake boob. Maybe we need a pink TSA logo for this one.
(Oh, did we mention she is an airline stewardess. So we trust this person to work on the airline, handle knives, etc. Just not wear a prosthetic.)

TSA forces woman to remove nipple piercing
& TSA’s statement to revise policy

TSA – Your technology is cooler than ours. No way that Macbook Air can be a laptop. “Do not pass thru. Do not catch your flight. We’re ignoramuses.”

Man goes through TSA with two 12″ razor blades….ooops!

Maybe this would make TSA happy. Sure hard to hide things while naked.

Oh wait, trying to make TSA’s job easier will just get you arrested

TSA sexually abuses Wesley Crusher
(Seriously though, if what happened to Wil Wheaton happened to your child by anyone but a TSA agent. You’d call 9-1-1 and be filing sexual abuse charges.)

TSA fears that a 95 year old elderly woman might be hiding a dangerous weapon or bomb up her vagina. Forces her to take off her Depends diaper.

TSA – we like to steal your stuff. Article details TSA worker stealing $5,000 and several other known incidents.
(Maybe TSA screeners should be forced to go through the screeners when they leave work.)


(Do something, contact your officials!)

DISCLAIMER: It can be hard to verify all of these. Most appear to be fact. If one of the cases is hoax, please let me know so I can remove it. If you are aware of another serious case of bad ethics and violation of our Constitutionally protected rights. Please comment below and I’ll add it to this post.