Cop shoots Cop, again…

California BART police officer shoots a second officer while conducting a search in connection to a string of robberies. The officer accidentally fired and hit the other officer.

Okay, really, so essentially in a crowded train environment you have an officer walking around with his loaded gun drawn sweeping everybody? Or was he so trigger happy he drew his weapon and discharged.

Seriously California, you are getting the just deserves of your policies. You have completely destroyed the civilian gun culture in your state. The result of this is law enforcement officers with zero experience with firearms, lacking even the most rudimentary basics of firearm handling. This is the consequence of destroying

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Don’t let experience breed disregard

The following story details a professional required to use firearms in their daily job, having failed to heed the rules of safety.

1. Failed to treat all firearms as loaded

2. Failed to keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

3. Failed to keep finger off of trigger until ready to use the firearm. (I will make the presumption that the officer’s carry weapon was a Glock. Glock touts perfection, but I believe the requirement to pull the trigger in order to disassemble the firearm is far from perfection. Forcing a user to break a rule is to me a clear imperfection.)

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Negligent Discharges

A lot of chatter in the blog community over a negligent discharge at SayUncle’s blog.

A couple of things to note.

1. No one was hurt because the rules were not violated. The gun was pointed in a safe direction.

2. Say Uncle lays a valid criticism toward the design of the firearm.

3. I believe this ND could still have been avoided by

a) During a recent safety course I took, our instructor advise that easing the hammer down could be unsafe. And that the only reliable way to do so was to place the web of your hand in the way as you ease down. Providing a barrier until the trigger is reset.

b) Using an empty magazine.  Which has prompted me that maybe manufacturer’s should consider the inclusion of a standardized (ie: blue or orange colored) dummy magazine that cannot take rounds. Specifically for such type of roles.

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