SWAT busts man for growing potted plants

Once again our government resorts to SWAT first, questions later.   A 60 yr old woman’s house is ransacked by a SWAT team for the “Fish & Wildlife Service”.    Her husband served two years  in Federal Prison.  What was his crime?  “Orchids”

That’s right folks. Mr. Norris, a retiree spending his waning years growing, selling and importing orchids.  He fell afoul of the Federal regulations implemented after an internation treaty was signed to control the trade in flora and fauna.  So was Mr. Norris importing illegal varieties of protected species of orchids? Nope.  They were all legal. He just didn’t fill out all the new paperwork properly.   So a  6 month investigation, a SWAT raid, and 2 yrs in the slammer. For growing flowers…(and not even the kind one smokes).

Can we say “ridiculous”…or it would be if a man didn’t spend 2 yrs in jail for growing orchids.  Why didn’t the investigation simply approach the Norris family?  Why did they feel an entire SWAT team was necessary for the arrest of Mr. Norris.

Folks…there is absolutely NO excuse for a government to behave in such a manner.  Such are the acts of tyranny.  And if not for the 2nd Amendment, I fear such acts would be commonplace.


“The Norrises’ nightmare began with the search in October 2003. It didn’t end until Mr. Norris was released from federal supervision in December 2008. His wife testified, however, that even after he came home, the man she had married was still gone. He was by then 71 years old. Unsurprisingly, serving two years as a federal convict – in addition to the years it took to defend unsuccessfully against the charges – had taken a severe toll on him mentally, emotionally and physically.”


I am going to say something to my readers, and it is of the utmost concern that you listen.  Regardless of whether you are registered a Republican or Democrat, regardless of whether your morals lean liberal or conservative.  You need to become a Libertarian.

If we do not become Libertarians than we will see tyranny.  For things as trivial as “lilies & orchids”.  We will fill our prisons up with those who committed victimless & political crimes, while the real criminals will fill our streets.  In the name of stopping crime, we will be disarmed.

Remember, the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.  That mandatory seat belt law looks like a good thing, but is in reality a breach of liberty.  One that could arrest a parent and lock them away – destroying a family.  I am all for the use of seatbelts. I just don’t think we need a law making it a crime.

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