#nraam NRA-ILA: Part II

The Gun Owner’s Guide to Social Media


Chris Cox speaking about Supreme Court Justices. 3 justices will be over 80 years old by end of President Obama’s term.

“Going all in…”

30 years ago there was a discussion of a Nationwide handgun ban. Now we’re talking about a Nationwide Right-to-Carry law.

Chris Cox addressing 3rd party candidates.

Media talks about dozens of lobbyists the NRA has in Washington. “We have 6.” So it’s very hard to deal with all the smaller races.

Determination is fair and systematic. We don’t make determination based on affiliation. Nor on race, gender, or any other aspect except their record on the 2nd Amendment.

Cox sake about some of the other laws that NRA seems to have supported. That seemed outside of the the core 2nd Amendment cause. I did feel Chris Cox could of provided a stronger answer.


EVC Christie Caywood from Pennaylvania

Election/Political News
36% cable news (steady for years)
32% local TV (in decline)
25% Internet (growing)
20% Local paper (in decline)

Other areas, talk radio.

Only 4% will unfriend someone on politics.

52% share political information online

Social Media Sites:
– Facebook, avg person on Facebook for 20 minutes
– Twitter
– YouTube, 15 minutes a day for avg American
– Pinterest, 85% women (faster growth than Twitter or Facebook)
– Yelp, reviews and ratings. Review gun clubs. Dealers. etc. 64% of users make over $100,000/yr
– Stumble Upon, 1 billion+ stumbles. 70 minutes session.
– Google+, Mostly male. Not much time used.

First step find your audience. Your friends, family, etc. You don’t need to be breaking news. Just share.

Find, Balance, New Tech, Experiment (use tools), Be Visual (use photos/videos), Join In, Talk…..

10x more likely to be followed on Twitter if you have photo or logo.

Don’t want to create content. Then fan “NRA” and like or retweet. Watch a YouTube video “thumb” it up.

Networks are built on real life. Friends, family, hunting buddies, co-workers.

Social Networks provide real time outreach, measurable impact, peer pressure….influence others.

Krista Kupp – senior coordinator and NRA university.

Getting the Youth Vote. Success in 2012 will depend on the youth vote.

2008 – President Obama won youth vote by 2:1. Based on youth vote Obama would have received 455 electoral votes vs 57 McCain.

Obama only won 30 year old vote by 1%

Youth voter turnout up 50% in 2008 because President Obama excites them.

Youth voters not impressed this year, not as excited with Obama.

NRA University


52 NRA Universities in 20 states since 2007.

Reach out to campus carry organizations, college Republicans and college Democrat organizations.

David Burnett speaking about Students for Concealed Carry

“Disarming victims doesn’t protect victims.”

Students for concealed carry introduced bills in 30 states, and positive effects in 10 states.

Campus carry movement is reaching into Europe too.

How did a group of students with no money & just social networking, form one d the most effective new grassroots organizations?

5 Guidelines:
1. Don’t do it alone.
2. Use the Internet
3. Make use of the media (empty holster protest)
4. Be better than your opponents.
5. Don’t quit

“Repeatedly asked where is the headquarters for Students for Concealed Carry. Answer – online…”

Utilize local media. Annual events are springboards for your cause. Empty holster protest “sexy news”

While our cause excels every time a gun free zone fails. We can’t be happy for that.

Avoid partisan politics.

Gun rights movement is not made up of one groups, rather it’s made up of many smaller groups.

NRA 2nd Vice President

Changing public policy is matching up the nail (public issue, idea, policy change) with the right hammer (We are the hammer).

Tough issues require bigger hammers.

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New Policy Tracking tool from the NRA



Join NRA-ILA’s New Online Community

You read NRA-ILA’s alerts. You call your elected officials on important Second Amendment issues. You talk to your friends, family and others about protecting the right to keep and bear arms.  In short, you are at the heart of NRA-ILA’s efforts.

Now you have an opportunity to help the NRA by sharing your thoughts on policy, politics, corporate partnerships, and more.

We are excited to announce the launch of the NRA-ILA Online Advisory Panel, a community of our most active and loyal supporters. As a part of the Advisory Panel, you will have the opportunity to engage with other NRA members, take weekly polls and surveys, compare your Members of Congress, track federal legislation, and more. This is your chance to make your voice count.  NRA-ILA wants to know what you think and what gun owners are concerned-or excited-about in your part of the country.

Which issues are you most concerned about? What programs do you think work? Which ones don’t?  As a part of the NRA-ILA Online Advisory Panel, you will have an opportunity to weigh in on these questions, and your voice will help target our activities and frame the Second Amendment debate.

To find out more and to sign up to become a member of the NRA-ILA Online Advisory Panel, go to: http://nra.civicscience.com.

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Photos from the NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop and More

Here are some photos from the Grassroots workshop.

Click here for Gallery with more photos!

We heard from Dick Heller than NRA President John Sigler. I do not recall the next person but I think it was one of the NRA VPs, maybe Cox. Who was then followed by Wayne LaPierre. A few others spoke but I departed to catch the Ruger announcement (details coming soon).

I also caught Eric taking a photo. Just a little fun there. They had a band playing at the Celebration for American values. I was planning to attend, then kind of decided to hit other things. Maybe it was because there were a few too many people I was not interested in like McCain, Romney, Steele. And those I was more interested in I had already heard from or met in a more personal encounter, like Dick Heller.

I was hoping to meet Marcus Lutrell, but apparently he had a personal situation arise. The result is that most of the people I had really wanted to meet and see were not going to be there. (I think they were going to do some video feeds.) Anyways, there is a photo of the band that was performing before the forum.

I then returned to the exhibit hall. How about some shiny metallic AR receivers and uppers to compete with Eric’s plastic purple lower that he picked up from Calvary Arms on Thursday?

Barret gun porn…. *drool*

Shiny seems to be coming in vogue. There was a beautiful metallic red safe. And the Cobra arms with a huge variety of colored metallic arms.

Finally, the best for last…why it’s “Eddie Eagle” boys and girls!

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NRA-ILA Alert: Florida Legislators raid CCW trust fund!

In a last minute sneak attack on gun owners, the Florida Legislature raided the concealed weapons and firearms licensing trust fund.This not only effects resident CCW license holders, but non-resident Florida license holders as well!

They took $6 million from the Division of Licensing Concealed Weapons and Firearm Trust Fund that is intended, by law, to be used solely for administering the concealed weapons and firearms licensing program. (Read background information below)

Please Call, Fax, or Email Governor Charlie Crist IMMEDIATELY, and ask him to veto the $6 Million trust fund sweep from the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Division of Licensing authorized under Section 59 of the Conference Report of SB-2600.

Please send your email today!!!!!

And/or please contact the Governor’s office by phone or fax ASAP.

Phone number: (850) 488-4441 or (850) 488-7146
Fax number:  (850) 487-0801

Email to the Governor at this address: Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com


Right now, the concealed weapons and firearms licensing program is backlogged and overloaded, due in part, to the refusal of budget officials and the Legislature to allow the Division of Licensing to use its own trust fund money to hire more employees and expand/upgrade equipment. 

Crates of unopened mail containing license and license renewal applications sit in storage. The backlog of mail sitting unopened, at times, has extended beyond 90 days while existing licenses are expiring because renewal applications haven’t been opened and processed. 

Currently (although the Division of Licensing has been working weekend shifts to clear the backlog), it is taking 13-14 weeks to process a “perfect” application once it has been opened. That is an unequivocal violation of the law that requires issuance or denial of a license by a specific time –– a violation of law that legislative leaders are condoning by their actions.

THE LAW REQUIRES THE DIVISION OF LICENSING TO ISSUE A LICENSE WITHIN 90 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE APPLICATION — or deny the license “for cause”, based upon the criteria set forth in the law.  Theft of operating funds by the Legislature is not “just cause” for failure to issue licenses or renewals within 90 days. 

While applications sit gathering dust, legislative leaders took $6 million of approximately $8 million held in the trust fund.  That $6 million is supposed to be used to pay employees, buy upgraded equipment, upgrade or replace computers or software and to otherwise administer the concealed weapons and firearms licensing program.

BUT, feigning a desperate need for funds for education and health care, legislative leaders recklessly and ruthlessly confiscated trust fund money.  Why?  Because they were building a so-called “working capital” fund for the 2010-12 legislative term, reported now to be in the neighborhood of $1.8 BILLION DOLLARS. This so-called “working capital fund” is for the use of future legislative leaders.

They didn’t take that money for education.  They didn’t take that money for health care.  They didn’t take that money to save jobs.  They didn’t take that money to avoid pay cuts, or budget cuts — they took the money to help build their own fund. 

While Senate leadership reportedly fought to stop the ruthless raids on trust funds, in the end, they simply caved and let the House of Representatives prevail. 


The bad behavior doesn’t end there.

Obviously fearing the Governor would use his line-item veto to stop trust fund raids, proviso language was inserted in the bill in a clear attempt to intimidate the Governor. 

The proviso language, states that if any portion of the moneys swept from this and other trust funds does not become law (meaning it is vetoed), that portion of the money shall be deducted from the EDUCATION BUDGET.  This is clearly designed to keep the Governor from vetoing trust fund sweeps, and prevent trust fund money from being taken back out the House leadership’s so-called “working capital” fund. 

Money in the concealed weapons trust fund came from gun owners. No money to administer and run the concealed weapons and firearms licensing program has ever come from general revenue, or any other state fund or revenue source.  The taking of these gun owner user fees is an unauthorized tax on the exercise of the Second Amendment.

AGAIN, Please call, fax and email Governor Crist IMMEDIATELY, and ask him to veto the $6 Million raid on the Concealed Weapons & Firearms Trust Fund!

Please send your email today!!!!!

You may also call the Executive Office of the Governor at: (850) 488-7146

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NRA-ILA Alert: New Rules On Right-To-Carry In Our National Parks Take Effect Today

The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), through the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, announced changes to rules on carrying firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges goes into effect today.

Please note, that these changes do not make all National Parks accessible to firearm owners. Instead, National Parks now fall under the same rules and regulations as similar areas under your local state law.

So don’t just run off to your nearest National Park without first checking what your local and state laws are.

More info here from the NRA.

And yes, the Brady Campaign and gun control powers have already begun launching attacks. One article I read commented on how they had visited a national park and some campers nearby were drinking and shooting off their rifles and why would we want more of that.  Which I found rather strange, since both of those activities were illegal and yet neither were prevented by the mere existence of laws prohibiting such action. I know that if someone was shooting off their rifles in a neighboring campsite, I’d want to be able to have my sidearm nearby.

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