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First off, today I noticed implemented some newfangled commenting system. I really dislike the layout.

But then I stumble across a mostly pro-gun article on raising children in the home with guns. I am shocked, instead of finding one mediocre quasi-pro-gun statement followed by an entire article lambasting gun owners as crazy.  I found a surprisingly delightful article featuring testimonials and insights from parents with small children.



Apparently, some love for the NRA Annual Meeting over at Yahoo too.

Must be “Revenge of the Sixth” day (you know, follows May the Fourth be with you, and Cinco de May).

The NRA was racist….

How journalists spin the lies and deceit.  Yahoo had an article on gun control with the following quote.

“The NRA, for example, not only offered whites the first crack at jobs, but authorized separate and lower pay scales for blacks.”


Really, the author writes an article on gun control, and then transitions using FDR compromising with southern racists. And in the same paragraph states ” The NRA, for example, not only offered whites the first crack at jobs, but authorized separate and lower pay scales for blacks.”

What the AUTHOR fails to tell the reader, is that in this context the NRA does not equal National Rifle Association. Rather, it means National Recovery Administration, which was an FDR program eventually deemed unconstitutional.

However, the fact that the National Recovery Administration (NRA) was a historical entity is known by probably less than 1% of Americans. When 99% of people today hear NRA, they think “National Rifle Association”. Especially in the context of a gun control article.

This whole piece was disingenuously written by the author for the mere opportunity of associating race and discrimination with the NRA, knowing that since the author left out National Recovery Administration, most would in the context of a gun control article assume it meant the more familiar NRA.

Sure, the author covered his butt with other FDR programs. But it’s very clear that this article was an under-handed attempt at libel.

And while I know many were taught in school that FDR was one of America’s greatest presidents, I challenge you to study him beyond what you were taught in school. And I wager that you will, as did I, discover he is arguably the worst and most dangerous president in the history of America. (And before you decry President Obama, he is no where near the level of FDR. I’d take President Obama over FDR any day.)



Rorschach, Gun Lobby vs Bloomberg Lobby, NJ Sucks, 1st & 2nd in 3D

NRA Rorschach Test

Gotta give the NRA store some credit for their most recent email advertisement. I usually just delete. But the whole “NRA Rorschach Test” caught my attention. Cute and fun. Good job NRA, I didn’t buy anything, but I actually stopped to look. 


We need more creativity and wit like if we are going to continue winning this fight.


NJ Boy in picture with AR22.  Result, police and youth services are sent to harass and threaten family. (Who were thankfully smart enough not to let any of them in.)

There is a reason NJ is the armpit of America.

Today’s QOTD per a discussion on 3D printing of firearms:
“1st Amendment + 2nd Amendment = Right to Print Arms”
I love it!!!!
(Derived from this poorly written article that was posted to Slashdot)


Know your enemy….

That super powerful rich monstrous gun lobby the media is always talking about, you know the one.  The one that donated like $10-$15 million to the NRA last year (out of the $225+ million in revenue the NRA generate). 

So should we begin referring to the evil Bloomberg Lobby? A single man who has donated a nearly equivalent amount to anti-gun organizations as all the firearm manufacturers have donated to the NRA over the past few years.

Really, why isn’t the media talking about how so much of this gun debate is fueled by a single man and his millions of dollars in donations versus several million Americans and their donations of a $10-$20 dollars?
More info…
VPC touts blood money, portrays the NRA as funded by the “gun manufactures”, who since 2005 have donated between $15-$40 million.   So lets divide those numbers by 7 years. That’s approx. $2-$5.5 million a year from gun manufacturers.  The NRA revenue was $227 million in 2010 (probably more this year).  So gun manufacturers are contributing a whopping 1%-2% of the NRA’s revenue.

Even anti-gun had to call false on the NRA salaries paid by guns. And as Factcheck shows, the NRA revenue for 2010 was $227 million.

H/T to Bitter at

White Rose Friends of NRA gives regional rep a Mohawk

White Rose Friends of NRA had a deal with their regional coordinator that if they could sell 250 tickets, they would get to shave his hair into a mohawk at their event.  Today, we sold nearly 400 tickets.  The following pictures and videos are the result.

Youth group receiving grants

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013


Charlie Daniels autographed fiddle

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013


Pics of Mr. Kory receiving his mohawk

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013

White Rose Friends of NRA 2013

View of Mr. Kory receiving his mohawk


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Move over Danica…

Looks like Danica will have to take a back seat in NASCAR news in the not too distant future. Apparently, the NRA is going to sponsor it’s first top tier NASCAR race in Texas come April.

I am sure the media will jump on it. And perhaps Danica will find herself in the backseat of NASCAR news, but then again GoDaddy is an NRA sponsor.  So who knows, perhaps we’ll find Danica atop her car wielding a shotgun.

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All In Busted Us

When the NRA did the “All In” platform to support Mitt Romney, I felt this was a foolish decision.

First off, I didn’t think Romney stood a chance. Okay, maybe 15% chance at best.

Second, it pretty much left me “done” with the Republican Party. You forced on us for a second time a sub-par moderate. Worse, he was moderate on all the important stuff. And strong on the crap – morals, faith, etc.

Mind you I’m a Christian. Pro-life. But really the issue should have been debt, security and liberty. Romney was weak on ALL of those.

Anyway, back to the point. The “All In Policy” royally screwed us. We want all in for a two bit candidate bathe result was NOTHING was done on important local elections. Pennsylvania had a very dangerous election for Attorney General. Very little focus was on it because of Twitt Romney. We now have an extreme anti-gunner for attorney general. She has begun her promised war on ‘reciprocity’.

Announcement today is that PA residents who utilize out-of-state carry permits to carry in PA, have a 120 days to secure a PA LTCF.

To be honest, getting a PA permit is fairly easy and low hassle. So I don’t have a huge issue with this. But my concern is her expressed interest in other reciprocity arrangements. And I am very concerned she will begin to systematically undo those arrangements.

[UPDATE per PAGunBlog: “More importantly, non-Florida non-residents with Florida licenses can no longer carry in Pennsylvania. If you are a Delaware resident who carries in Pennsylvania on the Florida permit, you’re no longer legal to carry here.”

THAT is not cool. Florida and a few other permits are the ONLY way some who live in states with draconian gun laws can carry.]

If that occurs, than I believe that a very forceful protest will be necessary before the capital. And that it will be necessary to make sure that the legislature and governor act to remove thy authority from the AG.

*** NRA-ILA Notice ***

Pennsylvania: Attorney General Kathleen Kane Issues a Notice Regarding Non-Resident Carry Permits

If you are a Pennsylvania resident who is carrying a concealed firearm for self-defense with a non-resident Florida Concealed Carry permit, your permit will be invalid in 120 days.

Delivering on her anti-gun campaign promises last year, Attorney General Kathleen Kane issued a notice today that requires Pennsylvania residents, who currently carry a firearm on a non-resident Florida permit, to obtain a Pennsylvania concealed carry permit in order to be allowed to carry in state.

The top state law enforcement officer should not be making policy — the job of state legislators in Harrisburg — and simply enforcing the law enacted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. If Kane wanted to be a lawmaker, she should have run for an office other than Attorney General.

If you are one of the 4,000 individuals who carry in Pennsylvania with a non-resident Florida permit, you have until June 8, 2013 before your permit is invalid. If you wish to continue carrying a firearm for self-defense in Pennsylvania, you must obtain a Pennsylvania Concealed Carry Permit.

Your NRA is disappointed, but not shocked, by Kathleen Kane circumnavigating the Pennsylvania General Assembly to implement her anti-gun agenda. To voice your opposition to this notice, you can contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General at 717-787-3391 or by submitting an e-mail via this on-line form.

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NRA vs Media

Okay, I’ve been uber frustrated with today.  I feel like there are nigh a dozen articles this week blatantly biased to gun control. And nothing to counterpoint. Worse, the !@#$%  at seem to always turn the comments sections off on these editorials.  Cowards.  So how do entertainment mogus like the media compare to the NRA? From their own mouths…


NBC/WSJ poll – NRA more popular than entertainment industry

Forty-one percent of adults see the NRA — the nation’s top gun lobby — in a positive light, while 34 percent view it in a negative light.

41% Positive
39% Negative

vs Entertainment Industry (which may or may not include NBC/WSJ)

24% Positive
39% Negative

I wager, there are ALWAYS 39% negative…therefore the NRA has almost twice the popularity. But apparently, this is a significant improvement from the 90’s when the score was more negative than positive.

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One way to beat the NRA…

The anti-gunners want to form a group that spends $2 for every $1 the NRA spends. First off, what this means is soliciting more billionaires like Mama Bloomberg.  Because there is no way they can raise the funds through grass-roots (see Exhibit A: Brady Campaign).

Second, it means we need to donate. I usually make my funds through various activites, raffles, Friends of the NRA banquet. But I think it may be time for a nice flat $100 donation to the NRA-ILA.

So I’m going to make a little offer here, if anyone makes a $100 donation or greater to the NRA between now and the end of March. I will post to my sidewall either a link to your business (if you’re a business owner), or if you’d like a memorial tribute to loved one, or any other similar display that we warrant to be acceptable for the blog – and I will keep it there for the whole of 2013.

Email for more details (namely, send a copy of a donation receipt, etc)


What I believe the NRA needs to do…


The NRA needs to propose some strategies that are more effective than the gun control advocates are seeking. And I don’t feel they’re really doing that. Violent video games is not the target. And that just burns bridges with the young.
My suggestions:

1. Open up the NICS to private sellers. Allow an individual to run a NICS background check before a sale free of charge. This would be optional, but I wager many would do it. Especially if it were in conjunction with social pressure by gun shows, NRA, etc.

Otherwise, I think we will see the gun control folk get their so-called “gunshow loophole” bill.


2. Safes/Gun Locks – press to make these tax deductible upto say $1,500. Point out that this would allow more gun owners to afford to purchase safes and devices suitable to securing firearms.
3. Mental health reporting – point out how few states have been reporting, argue that funding needs to be provided for facilitating this. Exclaim, you want more laws, that will restrict the rights of good citizens. And you’re willing to fund those new laws. But you won’t fund laws that already exist and would make us safer.
4. Press for mandatory prosecution of felons in “possession”, who have been convicted of violent & predatorial crimes (rape, murder, theft, armed robbery, etc).

5. Show how most of the features on an AR15 are merely ergonomic and safey features. That a barrel shround reduces risk of accidental burns. That a folding stock is an ergonomic design feature that benefits many women. That the use of plastic is merely typical of most items manufactured today because plastic is light, strong and does not rot or rust like wood or metal.

6. The NRA needs to debunk the media myths. Go up in front of the reports and ask them to pick out the round they believe is fired by so-called “assault weapons”. How often do you think the reporter will grab the .556 or 7.62×39 round versus all the far larger hunting rounds?

7. The NRA needs to point out over and over again the failure to fund, apply, and prosecute the present laws. This should be a primary argument. The NRA should be reading off rap sheets of murderers of Philly cops and commenting and asking why each murderer had so many arrests with illegal “possession” but was never prosecuted.

These are strategies the NRA needs to be doing nationally.

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All In, Lost All

Why I’m disappointed with the NRA this election year

2012 election went worse than I feared. I expected Romney to lose. We were being asked to support a candidate who was only slightly less than our current President. A Massachusetts’s liberal. And a fat cat very out of touch with the common people.

He was unelectable. And I knew it. People griped that I had chosen not to vote for Romney. It waa pretty well known Pennsylvania was going to Obama.

The NRA put so much effort into a losing horse. And in doing so neglected far more important races.

Pennsylvania now has an anti-gun MAIG funded Attorney General who is devoted to rescinding reciprocity agreements.

We’ve got a fight on our hands folks. Worse, we went all in and lost a lot of fights. The result is that we will look weak and less influential. The NRA didn’t bring it home this time.

And that’s a large part of why I felt the NRA made a mistake I. Focusing efforts on Romney at expense of more important local races.

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