Coonan Firearms

I passed by one booth that caused me to be taken aback. Coonan Firearms and their .357 1911.   So my first thought was, this must be a 1911 chambered in .357 Sig or something. Nope…it’s actually .357 Magnum.

A 1911 chambered with one of my favorite rounds.

I WANT!!!!

So I got to talking with Mr. Coonan himself about his firearms and a little bit about the history of his company.  It’s actually quite the serendipitous story.

Apparently, he made these a while back. Then sold off the company and it was eventually shuttered. He later bought it back. But the fun part is how he became active again in the manufacture of the Coonan .357

Basically, two young women attending college become friends. One’s dad goes out shooting with his in-laws, only to be teased that what he really needs to buy is a Coonan .357 1911.  Good luck trying to find one, right.

Well lo and behold it gets discovered that his daughter’s friend is a Coonan. Yes, that Coonan. He gets in contact, and the ball gets started rolling. The result…new Coonan 1911’s.

This firearm will probably be on my “list of guns I’ll buy if I win the lotto.” But I think if I could pick any firearm for a BBQ gun. It’d be one of these Coonan 1911’s chambered in the good ol’ .357 magnum.

Mr. Dan Coonan

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The End of the World Draws Nigh

Trying to find the biggest crowds they can find. The EOWhackos showed up at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.  These guys must have a bit of money. They had three RVs all decked out with full paint jobs. But I guess it only takes a few fools to sell their homes and donate to the cause to pay for such things.

I did briefly have the opportunity to talk with one of these unusual folk. Trying to educate them about the Scriptures was pretty pointless. But I did manage to discover the basis of their philosophy from one of their pamphlets.

Essentially, they believe they have calculated the day of Noah’s flood. And that May 21st will be 6,000 years later. Yeah, okay…even if they really believed this. What’s the point of just marching around telling people the world is coming to an end. Neither of the foot people I encountered even bothered to share a message of salvation. So what’s the point? An astronomer could warn about the end of the world from an incoming asteroid. Isn’t the point to be offering salvation or something. Lame!

If for ANY REASON you happen to believe that the world is in fact ending tomorrow. Here is what I want you to do. Find a large cardboard box. Put all of your rifles and pistols inside it. Then go to your bank and withdraw all your savings in cash. Put it all in the box, and ship it to me via UPS. (Hint: Use your credit card to pay for shipping. Heck, max out your CC buying gold coins and put those in the box too.)  In return I will dedicate a shrine to your memory.

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NRAAM Exhibits: Part I

There were numerous booths, exhibits, and tables. The exhibit hall was in fact split into two rooms, a large one and a larger one. Below you can see a panoramic of the upper (larger) exhibit hall.

Pre-event: I managed to enter the exhibit hall on Thursday and snap some photos of a number of booths in various stages of set-up.

Later Ruger’s booth would look something like this (360 Panoramic)

Shouldn’t there be a “Gun Dude” around here somewhere?

But if for whatever reason, you need a really unusually sized safe, Superior Safe seems to be in the custom size business.

A lot more posts and coverage coming. It’s just a LOT of work to upload, label, sort all these photos and thoughts.

Just to give you a teaser/preview of what the NRA Exhibit Halls held, take a gander at these two videos.

NRA Annual Meeting: Day 1

I arrived in Pittsburgh Thursday evening.  I toured the Exhibit Hall floor as numerous companies erected their booths and displays. And then attended a couple of gatherings before retiring on the floor of the crew. It will take several days for me to post all my coverage of the NRA Annual Meeting.

Bitter Interviewed by NRA News

Sebastian’s printed magazine being curiously inspected by Cam of NRA News.

The Gathering

Colleen – she was one of the defendant’s in the McDonald vs Chicago case.

David Koppel and Dave Hardy


Afterwards I joined a gathering of fellow bloggers. Including Caleb (pictured right), who’s floor I’d crash on.

More bloggers…

The illustrious Jay G, fellow gun blogger, fellow rennie. We finally got to meet. As a former New Englander I have much sympathy for my digital friend “stuck in Massachusetts”.

But I must say, I didn’t realize people greeted one another like this in Mass.


Ruger SR-556: Photos and video…

If you have not heard the news. Ruger has moved into the AR platform.  They have announced the Ruger SR-556. It is a short stroke gas piston rifle built upon the AR platform.

Features include troy rails, sights and covers. Receiver is 3rd party from what I gathered from the salesmen.  The barrel, flash suppressor, and I believe the bolt are Ruger made. Possibly other parts as well. The upper two-stage gas piston system was designed by Ruger.  Essentially, what I gathered is that Ruger is trying to provide a full feature ready made gas piston AR platform.

MSRP is something like $1,995, they should start shipping in June.

Michael Bane was there filming for the Outdoor Channel. I also managed to capture some video…

Here was an outtake… ( I wonder if I’ll still be allowed at the Michael Bane sponsored Blogger Happy Hour tonight.) *LOL*

I endeavored to seek answers for a number of questions I’d seen asked online already. I asked a salesman what differentiated the Ruger SR556 from the SigSauer556. He expressed that the Sig was a long stroke piston similar to an AK. Where as the Ruger is a short stroke piston. (Now here is where I must confess my ignorance. As I have NO CLUE what this means. Nor what advantages or disadvantages either has; so if you my readers would like to chime in here, please do!)

The receiver is a standard lower and therefore you should be able to put any upper on it.  (Hmm…POF receiver with Ruger upper might be a nice setup.) While I am not sure about .22LR conversion kits. A .22LR upper system should work according the salesman I spoke with on the floor.

An interesting note…the salesmen stated that they have two testing units which have broken 20,000 rounds (uncleaned).

More photos of the SR-556 here in the photo gallery!

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Photos from the NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop and More

Here are some photos from the Grassroots workshop.

Click here for Gallery with more photos!

We heard from Dick Heller than NRA President John Sigler. I do not recall the next person but I think it was one of the NRA VPs, maybe Cox. Who was then followed by Wayne LaPierre. A few others spoke but I departed to catch the Ruger announcement (details coming soon).

I also caught Eric taking a photo. Just a little fun there. They had a band playing at the Celebration for American values. I was planning to attend, then kind of decided to hit other things. Maybe it was because there were a few too many people I was not interested in like McCain, Romney, Steele. And those I was more interested in I had already heard from or met in a more personal encounter, like Dick Heller.

I was hoping to meet Marcus Lutrell, but apparently he had a personal situation arise. The result is that most of the people I had really wanted to meet and see were not going to be there. (I think they were going to do some video feeds.) Anyways, there is a photo of the band that was performing before the forum.

I then returned to the exhibit hall. How about some shiny metallic AR receivers and uppers to compete with Eric’s plastic purple lower that he picked up from Calvary Arms on Thursday?

Barret gun porn…. *drool*

Shiny seems to be coming in vogue. There was a beautiful metallic red safe. And the Cobra arms with a huge variety of colored metallic arms.

Finally, the best for last…why it’s “Eddie Eagle” boys and girls!

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NRAAM/2ABB: Day 1 “Exhibit Hall”

Hi all, covering the NRA Annual Meeting convention and 2nd Amendment Bloggers Bash LIVE from Phoenix, AZ. It’s warm, hot even…but it’s a dry hot.  Eric Shelton (of Handgun Podcast fame) and I were able to walk through the exhibit hall during setup, thanks to being members of the press.

I think the easiest thing for me to do is post a link to an auto-generated gallery of photos and then provide you a list of commentary below. This will kind of necessitate you having two windows open in order to read along. But otherwise, I’d be spending forever just putting together the photo gallery.

So here’s what I’ve got for you all…

– Sig Sauer.380 1911 style

NRA Blog (I don’t think I even realized this existed. Or it wasn’t compatible with my RSS reader.)

– A few booths….  (Brownell’s, Hornady, NRA News, M1A’s courtesy of Springfield, Glock)

– Tactical Dummy showing some love to Tom over at GunDudes with Gunfightercast’s favorite  holster.

– Kimber…and if a photo of a firearm is called gun porn…than this must be a whorehouse!

– Savage trigger for their new Troll rifles. But look at the nifty translucent rifle stock. Sadly, for display only. I want a translucent stock!

– Wait a second…as we passed by Eric exclaimed and pointed out this sign.  A Winchester that is still made in America? Is this true? (As someone who grew up in New Haven, home of Winchester Repeating Arms. Winchester is truly a heartbraking tale for me.)

– And yes, the Ruger LCR. Oh how I love that fluted cylinder…it’s sexy.  Has curves like a woman should have. But wait…what’s this empty shelf…guess we’ll find out 10am tomorrow morning.

– Odd pistol carbine thing. But really, Stargate should buy these. They’ve been using the P90’s for a while. This will look new and different and definitely futuristic.

– Eric and I started chatting with this gentlement over at Patriot Ordinance Firearms, Inc.  (POF USA) Eric is quite interested in picking up one of their lowers, and they do look pretty sweet.  We later discovered we were chatting with the owner. And I snagged a photo of the two. (Note Eric flashing the gang sign…j/k.)

– Smith & Wesson had their catalog on display at their booth. But Eric noted the Magpul MBUS back-up sight.  Here it for you to see! While it is polymer, it looked pretty rugged.


Eric Shelton will be posting his photos as well. So check out the Handgun Podcast.