Philly…you’re doing it wrong

Perhaps Philadelphia should consider renaming itself Odidelphia (the city of “Brotherly Hate”).

In 2011 there were 324 homicides in Philadelphia. Not quite one a day, so clearly the bad guys had some vacation and holiday time. This year is not looking any better. The first month brought 34 homicides – an avg greater than once per day.

Philadelphia’s proposed solution: Ban guns!!!

But would that even help?

Kevin Kless was beaten to death while trying to hail a cab. Three Flyers fans beat an off-duty officer wearing a Ranger’s jersey to unconsciousness.  A Vietnam veteran was beaten to near death as well. The city can’t even keep it’s witnesses safe.

The Nutty Mayor put a $20,000 award to information leading to the apprehension of murderers. “To every criminal out there: I just put a $20,000 bounty on your head.” But what good is that if your witnesses are killed before they can even collect. Nutty sent a message, the criminals sent one right back with murder of Rosemary Fernandex-Rivera.

The problem is clear, the murders aren’t just going to stop if one gets rid of guns. Beatings, stabbings, will continue even if you removed every firearm from the planet. What Philadelphia has is a problem of a near complete collapse of their criminal social system. A system which repeatedly puts criminals back on the street, a police department that’s under-staffed, and political spine that’s unwilling to address the real issues, rather seeking an scapegoat in the NRA. Because the Nutty Mayor knows he will not win against the 2nd Amendment; he’ll have a continuing scapegoat to blame rather than his own inabilities to lead and manage his city in a better direction.

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PS – Hey Nutty Mayor, you think, just maybe if you’re people were able to stand up to your criminals. Crime might go down?