More evidence NYPD needs better firearms training

NY police officer, responding to a robbery in a fluke incident, shoots the store clerk.

Granted, the clerk was fleeing and bumped into the incoming officer.  Per the article causing an accident discharge.

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NYPD…in need of some “back to basics” training

16 rounds (9 from one officer, 7 from the second), one dead hostile.  9 wounded civilians (three from direct shots).

So to put this in perspective, for every two shots fired, a civilian was injured.  I am left with a couple of thoughts.  Perhaps NYPD need some better training.  And perhaps they should consider dropping the .45ACP for 9mm.

“I thought, ‘Maybe you could have kicked the gun out of his hand and Steve would have only gotten shot once instead of five or six times.’ … I just ran, I didn’t know what else to do.””

Just running was probably the smartest thing an unarmed civilian could have done in that specific scenario.

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