Common Sense drives Obama an Biden to enact policies that have 0% affect on crime.

 “It’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s common sense,” Biden

Ain’t no such thing in the world of “gun control”.

President Obama to ban re-import of guns provided U.S. allies (except for museums and government). And this is a brilliant example of common sense because this stops criminals how?

In fact, I would argue this will leave more weapons in international criminal hands. Which will be more likely to find their way to South America and get smuggled up from Mexico. “We are about being anti-gun, not anti-crime.” 

Furthermore, President is seeking to ban NFA trusts. For those unfamiliar, it is a legal account that holds ownership of NFA Title III weapons (fully automatic, short barrelled shotguns, etc).  The reason these are used are many. It facilitates inheritence, it allows multiple family members legal access, and in cases where one lives in an area with an anti-gun sheriff or police chief, it allows ownership without the need for the local chief’s approval.

And as the NRA points out, none of this affects criminals. This is all restrictions on non-issue elements.

First off, only a few hundred rifles are used in crimes a year. Less than half of those would even fall under silly so-called assault weapon designations (you know, modern rifles utilizing plastic and ergonomic features like adjustable stocks).  The NFA trust guns are highly regulated, and the number of legal fully automatic rifles used in crimes basically wouldn’t even show up in a bar graph.

But this is the “common sense” gun control advocates advocate for.
“Sooner or later, we are going to get this right,” Obama said….”The memories of these children demand it”…

I so hope this is true. I so hope so. I really hope that one day America will get it right. Namely, the last 4-5 of these shootings have clearly involved people with serious mental health issues.

And yet after every incident they push for gun control and disarmament. And the subject of improvement mental health access and reporting is never addressed.  Lougher was reported for his risk of safety to himself and others. And the system broke down. Yet we still cannot get this avenue addressed.

But they want to take away our guns….why?

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The gun buy scare is officially over….back to normal trends everyone

Yahoo/Wire discuss a drop in gun sales.

FBI background checks hit the lowest level since 2011.  Down 54% from December 2012 (month after President Obama became re-elected and launched his war on guns).

They propose 4 reasons:
– Obama
– Seasons
– Gun Control
– Physics
I’d propose…
– we beat back some gun control legislation
– we all bought high capacity magazines and ammo
– we’re broke and our spouses said enough
– it’s summertime and money is going to vacations and blockbuster movies

But the summary is “the gun scare” sales are over, we’ve gone back to the steady gun growth trend “mean”. And yes, I hope this means we’ll see ammunition re-appear on shelves in a few more months.
“In short, then, the spike in gun background checks over the winter was a bubble, inflated by concerns about the reelection of Obama, about a push for gun control, and due to the normal increase we see for the holidays. The decline is all of that dissipating, and settling back to normal levels. Normal levels, we’ll note, which keep climbing higher and higher.”
WOW, just facts, in a Yahoo article to boot. Amazing…

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Bush only worse…. see some friends on the left having doubts

This White House has been horrible at transparency. In 2010, in more than a third of the requests for public records, the Obama administration didn’t provide any information. In fact, the administration has released fewer recordsunder the Freedom of Information Act than were released during the George W. Bush administration.  

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In the news….

  • Bullet Proof White Boards
  • Fireworks not reloading supplies
  • Majority of Americans NOT disappointed gun control bills failed…huh what? How to reconcile the two polls?
  • Judge skeptical of request to dismiss “Fast and Furious” lawsuit.
  • What did the President know? And when did he know it?


Bullet Proof White Boards – personally, I think it’s a great idea.  Though I’d recommend larger boards on the hallway side wall.

In the past I’ve discussed a few strategies in how teachers can arrange their room in order to provide protection and increase the safety of their classrooms.


Fireworks, not reloading supplies, appear to be the source of powder for the Boston bombers.–abc-news-topstories.html–obama%E2%80%99s-finding-out-150530660.html

Majority of Americans NOT disappointed that the gun control bills failed. How did we go from 83% of Americans favoring background checks to 39% “happy or relieved” that the bill failed?

Of the 40 percent who followed the vote closely. 31% were happy, only 22% were angry.  I think this points to the key demographic. Basically, pro-gun has 60% of the “we care” vote.

Interesting, the article points to American’s inate “Libertarianism”. And this is why I think the Republican party keeps failing. They don’t understand that while baby boomers may care about social issues.  The 40 and under, are far more concerned about liberty and equality.

Republicans JUST DON’T GET IT!!!

Judge skeptical of request to dismiss Fast and Furious suit.–politics.html
What did the President know and when did he know it?

Sure seems like the FBI has dropped the ball in this case. Maybe even more than once.  Perhaps we should ask the mysterious Misha if the FBI ever had the ball?

(Will we see the media handle President Obama as they did President Bush – doubtful. Even though President Obama has far more in question. President Bush hadn’t even been in office for a year when 9-11 happened. President Obama is in his second term.)


Congratulations President Obama on your Second Term

From now on, the economy is the fault of the president who served the last term, yes, that would be YOU!!!!!

No more blaming the last president Mr. Obama. You served an entire term. Anything thus first that is blamed on Bush I am going to tell to go screw !@$%

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Some humor from the Onion on Obama & his guns…

Oh what I’d give for this to be true….LOL,30638/

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Mitt Romney is going to lose…if he doesn’t change his game.


Mitt Romney is making a fundamental failure in his campaign. He’s challenging President Obama, a candidate who is far more charismatic, and will carry most of the left by defualt.  He’s pitted himself against the person of Obama, and frankly, I hate to break it to Mitt Romney, but I don’t think he has what it takes to win that popularity fight.


There is a way Mitt Romney can win.  And ironically, it could be the recent drought that could edge him over into the White House.

Mitt Romney needs to not focus so much on President Obama, as crazy as that sounds.  And turn his guns on another target. Congress!

Mitt Romney trails President Obama in ‘likeability’ polls. But Congress trails both men by an abyssmal level.  And this should be where Mitt Romney should play his cards. Romney should point to the recent drought, and point to the fact that Congress went on recess and did NOTHING.

Fostering the disdain for Congress (11% approval rating) that Americans currently has may not seem like a way to win a presidential election.  But think about it…exemplify Congress’ failure to act, failure to accomplish. Exclaim how Congress failed to do what was needed in regards to the recent unprecedented drought the likes of which haven’t been seen since the 50’s or even the Great Depression era of the dustbowl.  Expound that this was a time for Congress to act, not recess…

Okay, so now you’ve hit Congress. Almost every American can join you on this front.  Now, after he’s gotten a large portion of America to agree that Congress is a BIG issue, and a large part of our problem. He merely needs to come out and exclaim “And America needs a President who not only is able to work with Congress, but to lead and encourage Congress to get the job done!”  You turn the entire political race into a one issue race.  It’s no longer about guns, gays, whatever. Instead you’ve made it about one thing “Congress and the Economy STUPID!” 

Essentially saying that Congress isn’t getting it done, and you need a President who can lead Congress into getting it done. And denounce President Obama as just not having shown he has that ability.

In doing so, Mitt Romney should even avoid partisanship. There is enough blame to go around and for both parties.Romney should be open and admit “My party is to blame too.  It’s one thing to debate a social issue that Americans are divided over. But I think all Americans would agree with me, when it comes to dealing with an emergency or unusual event, such as the drought that has struck a large portion of our farmers and ranchers this year, politics should be set aside and the issue addressed. Not recessed!”

I believe this strategy will have a far better chance of getting Romney elected to the President. If he keeps facing President Obama on a diversity of issues he will lose. He is losing. He needs to make this a one issue race, and show he is the man for that issue.

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Eric Holder held in contempt!

My understanding is 17 Democrats joined the vote. Media is doing it’s best to spin this as a witch hunt and separate the Obama administration and BATFE and try to pit the blame on one or two bad apple BATF agents.

It’s amazing how much the media campaigns for President Obama and the Democrats. It’s also amazing how many times the media uses “so-called” for a case against the Democrats. But uses “de facto” terminology when critical of Republicans.


Republicans have initiated a contempt  claim in the so-called scandal.

Republicans claim there is no basis to the contempt charges in the scandal.

Always seems that anything laid against this administration is so-called.

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“You know, if I had a President, he would look like….”


The Martin-Zimmerman case has been racially charged.  The media did it’s best to charge it further (why not, race riots would be the biggest news event since 9-11 and Katrina, lots of $$$ to be had). President Obama even made a comment “You know, if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

When the media began the reports, it was a white adult shoots young black kid (pictured at age 12). Then it was revealed Zimmerman was hispanic, and Martin not so innocent looking. Then we began to get a different picture of our so-called racist. He mentored a couple of young black youths, even after the grant funding ran out.  Grew up in a racially diverse family structure.  Now we learn that Zimmerman is about an 1/8th black himself. 

To be honest, the case has mostly been beaten to death (ground horse meat anyone)?  But then I saw this new photo of Zimmerman (right) and thought “Wow…he kind of looks like Obama.”  Then I thought about the President’s statement on this case – and well…



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Primary Talk: Who is and isn’t electable?

First off, from now on I will try to label all primary (non-gun) posts with the Primary Talk prefix (and later Election Talk:) just for those who want to at an eyeball’s glance ignore them. If I fail to do so, please not in the comments so I can fix. 😉

Recent poll reveals that Mitt Romney is polling at a 48% vs 47% for Obama for the win.  Sounds substantial.  But the same poll gave President Obama only a 48% victory versus 46% for Ron Paul.  The error of margin essentially making it a three way tie.

Now one can take this information many ways.  One could tout a potential victory for Romney, or one might tout the validity of Ron Paul who has often been dismissed as both unelectable and unable to win against President Obama.  If such is true, a mere 3% spread is not much difference between a supposed best shot candidate (Romney) and supposed unelectable (Paul).

Each candidate has their so called skeletons in the closet or more so the bag of bones.

  • President Obama – It’s the economy stupid. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Unless he gets that unemployment rate down to 5%-6% he’s got a tough game ahead of him.
  • Mitt Romney – Liberals don’t like him. Conservatives don’t like him. Has big bad business moniker. But mostly, a large expectation of simply being more of the same. Clinton Bush term #7.
  • Ron Paul – Seemingly radical views, at least for this century.  A perceived isolationism, (which I personally feel is a mistaken perception). Opposes much of the infrastructure of government that has been set up over the last 60 years. As such, is expected to cause much disruption in the status quo.

The real question is, are enough people sick and tired of President Obama’s policies to vote him out and put in his stead a candidate who is likely to do little different than his previous contempories.  Are enough Americans sick of the guy in the office to vote for an individual who garners no good will from them?  I am of the opinion they are not, and expect to see another 4 years of President Obama in office.

I could be wrong.  But to be frank – if I am wrong, and Romney wins, I doubt we’ll notice much difference other than perhaps if we’re very very lucky we’ll ensure a moderate-to-conservative judge is appointed on the Supreme Court vs another extreme liberal. And if by some amazing miracle of chance Ron Paul were to win the Presidency, well I guess we could count ourselves in Chinese proverbial fashion to “be blessed to live in interesting times”.

UPDATE: Let me just further add, when a fair amount of the American populace is supporting a candidate. And major media, such as is so glaringly ignoring that candidate. Even when the viability is being shown to be higher than any of the other candidates, excepting the leader, one must question the motives and the integrity of that media.

I literally asked myself, was Ron Paul in this last debate or did they exclude him like they did in 2008. Apparently he was, but not a single thing in CNN’s coverage would make you aware of that fact.

Seriously, I think I will vote for Ron Paul just because of

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