Movie theater texter shot… by Only One

Okay many have joked about the frustration of someone texting while a movie is showing.  Especially the rude loud ones.  But heck this was just the previews. That isn’t even worthy for jokes.

Now a father is dead. We constantly hear that if we only had this or that restriction, if only cops and military.

I was worried when this was reported to have transpired in the Florida panhandle that it’d be a CCW holder. Well the media has just reported that the shooter was in fact a member of that elite privileged American royalty – a retired “only one” who has the privilege to carry where and when you do not.

I am a big advocate for fixing gun laws by mandating they apply equally to law enforcement officers – retired AND active. If civilians can’t have more than 7 rounds in a magazine.  Neither should the cops.

Sadly, this tragedy has left a 3 year old girl without a daddy. =(

REMEMBER YOU CARRY A GUN TO PROTECT YOUR LIFE – NOT to deal with minor social inconveniences.

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I’m a *burp* excuse me…I’m a cop…give me uh..a twinkie…ya

Seriously, what was running through this dudes head.  Glad he got weeded out early (article states he was hired as an officer in September).  But seriously, “ya, I’m a cop so I’m going to whip out my gun at a cashier”. 

If you’re that drunk, maybe your gun should be locked in a safe…just saying.

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Canines: Licenses to Kill ???

Reason has an article on the growing trend of police brutality against dogs.  The growing number of cases in which officers casually, shoot a dog.  The explanation, it’s “policy”, and points to it as part of the problem.

Many of these cases, the officer is never in danger. These are [mostly] not cases of dogs attacking. Many times its nothing more than a dog approaching, or in one case, the owner had already locked her lapdog in the bathroom.

This is a warning sign of a growing police state. We should be afraid when our police are so callous as to make killing a family’s pet “policy”, rather than prudence only when in actual danger. And if they can preventatively kill our pets. Does anyone really think it’s that far beyond, that the same callous behavior, will be applied to us and our children?  [FACT REMINDER: Ruby Ridge was a mostly avoidable tragedy, that became a massacre when an officer chose to shoot a child’s dog in that child’s presence. One has to remember, that to a young child, that dog IS family. And in the case of Ruby Ridge, the child retaliated with lethal force against an officer, who had just killed his buddy.]

If you know that officers are coming, be prudent and secure your canine friend. And realize even that may not be enough to prevent our uniformed finest from having a little live action target shoot.

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Why should you care if you’re not doing anything wrong (police state)

So you walk into a store, buy a case of water. Walk out and suddenly men with guns surround you and your car? What do you do…you try to flee, driving off, grazing two of the perpetrators.

Except, they’re not thugs, rapists, their you’re very own paid terrorists – plain clothed police officers.  Who thought they were busting an illegal underage purchaser of alcohol. Which totally requires 6 officers and the drawing of guns. Because “keeping our kids safe from alcohol, even if we have to blow their brains out, is worth it”.

Oh, and of course they arrested her and tried to charge her with two counts of assaulting law enforcement officers with up to a 5 year prison sentence.  The charges were dropped. But I believe each of these officers should be fired.


Frankly, I am sick of plain clothed officers.  We are having way way too many incidents in which plain clothes officers appear like thugs. And then act like thugs.  It’s GOT TO STOP!!!

And what friggin moron thought it was okay to put a gun to a 20 year old girl’s head. Even if it was beer. Seriously?  The whole point of drinking laws are to keep our children safe. Not have guns pointed at their heads.

IF YOU’RE NOT IN UNIFORM, then don’t expect me to treat you like a uniformed officer. Especially, if you’re not acting like one.

Pleain clothed officers should be reserved for specific undercover work. And there should always be uniformed officers to approach first whenever possible.

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If only law enforcement had guns…

13 prison guards busted for aiding and abedding (not typo) prisoners.   Prisoners bought guards diamond rings, Mercedes, Acuras, and more.

I think the average American has no understanding of the criminal underground black market.  Even if guns were completely banned, they’d get into the hands of criminals.

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Tragedy, clearly we have to ban law enforcement from possessing guns…

First off, this is tragic, a 4 year old acquires a loaded firearm and kills a woman. This 4 year old is now scarred for life because of a stupid adult.   Meanwhile a family mourns…

But please note, this was a law enforcement officer. One who likely became to comfortable with his guns, and carelessly forgot that even if you follow the 3/4 rules. You need to follow another rule. Don’t let anyone possess your firearm who is not trained in the rules.

You NEVER NEVER leave a loaded gun lying around.  If you have to show and display your firearms.  Then you ensure each and every one is unloaded.  And ammo is removed from the area. The ONLY time a firearm should be loaded is when it is READY TO USE

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Dorner Incident

Van Jones comments on the Dorner Incident.

We should not be “using this occasion” to debate various theories of racial justice — not while the blood of the innocent is still fresh on the ground.

Really, but it’s been totally okay to “use” the Newtown occasion to debate various theories of gun control – while the blood of the innocent is still fresh on the ground.

Leftist hypocrisy?

“But real insights are available elsewhere, from sources that are infinitely more credible.”

This might be the only time the LAPD has been referred to as infinitely more credible on race related issues in it’s decades of history.

“There are many better spokespeople for the cause of racial justice than Dorner.”

Okay, I agree with him on the above statement.

“I don’t want to reference Dorner in any way except for what he was — someone who was very disturbed, who needed mental health support and who cruelly took the lives of those devoted to service.”

I have a feeling had Dorner not been an ex-cop. We’d see all the talk being on gun and little mention of mental health.

The LAPD does have a lot to answer for, and even now, the original incident that triggered Dorner’s decline is being re-opened and re-evaluated. What happens if the evidence is “Oh crap, he was right…the incident did happen. And we fired him?” That’s a big danger…

Furthered by recent police responses to Dorner, ie: shooting two blue pickups full of innocent civilians. To which many average citizens express thoughts such as “From the perspective of people watching, two cars filled with innocent people were shot at in what to a lot of people looked like street justice than police procedure,”

And I can’t say I disagree. If police are in such a rush to draw guns and shoot and kill Dorner, that they can’t even be bothered to check the plate or color of the vehicle; it’s kind of hard to argue they weren’t going for a street execution.

Hopefully, this doesn’t become the prelude to a 20th anniversary and sequel of the LA Riots.

I wonder who has more Facebook followers? Dorner of the LAPD?


“The cabin went up in flames after authorities launched pyrotechnic tear-gas canisters into it”

I guess this kind of settles the Waco, Texas debate. Pyrotechnic tear-gas canisters seem to have a knack for burning down buildings with people inside…just saying.

Anyways, I’ll stop here lest I drone on about the Dorner Incident.

UPDATE:   Apparently, that accidental incident of fire that burned that cabin. Not so accidental.

Um, question, when you’re declaring a desired intent to kill and then you kill – is that not murder?

Seriously, just wondering how many charges should be filed against LAPD and it’s surrounding cohorts.

> Attempted murder of two hispanic women in a blue pickup.

> Attempted murder of an old guy in his pickup

> Deliberate Murder of a suspect

This is not “a law enforcement agency”, it’s gestapo.


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If only police and military had guns…

Then this would never happen…

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Less than Lethal, More than Stupid

Police officer in a school class acts in a reckless (and arrogant) manner.  Points taser at student, and just so happens it goes off.  Child loses consciousness…

It may not fire bullets, but tasers should be treated as any other firing weapon.  We seem to differentiate guns from everything else. The 2nd Amendment applies to arms. Be it a crossbow, Glock, or Han’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster.

The point is, the practices are same. Keep it unloaded, or unarmed until ready to use. Keep it stored or pointed in a safe direction. Keep finger or other trigger mechanism disengaged until ready to fire.

Granted, this wasn’t putting a bullet into one’s leg DEA style. But this could have still cost a child his life. And that is UNACCEPTABLE behavior.  I am sure the officer feels bad. His actions were stupid. Hopefully, neither he nor anyone in his unit will ever do something this dumb again.

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Shoot First…..questions come later!

Disturbed by the increasing trend in modern police forcing to immediately resort to force.  Here is a perfect example, police gun down double amputee in a wheel chair.

That’s right, the man (who had a case history of schizophrenia) had apparently pinned an officer with his chair, and possessed an item in his hand.  So he was fatally shot.

The item happened to be the most dangerous of weapons – a pen. For we all know the “Pen is mightier than the Glock”.

Yes, the man was acting aggressive.  Yes, there was potential need for force.  But was there need for lethal force?  I am highly doubtful of that.  First, most officers these days are equipped with secondary non-lethal force items (baton, pepper spray, and tazers).  Were any of these put into use? They should have been…

“The officers made verbal commands for the suspect to drop whatever he had in his hand, to stay still and to speak with the officers, but the suspect continued to make threats,”

Second, I’ll go out on a limb here and say that there was no reason they should not have been able to restrain this man without the use of their firearms.  There were at least two offices involved per the article. The man was a double amputee, thus largely immobile. Even if one officer was pinned an attempt to grab the man’s hands should have provided both the determination that he did not have a gun, and the elimination of the man’s mobility through his wheel chair.

How hard would it have been for one officer to grab the chair and turn it on it’s back or both officers to restrain the arms. (Remember, this guy is a double amputee it’s not like he could use his legs to run or kick.)

Frankly, you could take any ol’ Joe, Jane, or 10 year old kid and put a gun in their hand and tell them go into a room and if any resistance or defiance is made – shoot!

That’s NOT WHAT WE PAY OFFICERS TO DO, we pay you to go into a room, handle a matter and shoot only as a last resort.  Shame, shame, shame….

I am sorry, but I am gravely concerned by how trigger happy many police departments have begun.  I feel police are merely armed citizens and should be held responsible to the same level as an armed citizen, just more so.  And if an armed citizen did what these Houston area police officers did they would in no way pass muster of self-defense.  So please, anyone, anyone in uniform, explain to me the justification of law enforcement officers to meet a lesser standard in armed conflict than a mere “armed citizen”.

Frankly, if I was a judge in this matter, I would make every officer in that department sit through the NRA’s pistol training courses:

  • FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation
  • Basic Pistol Shooting Course
  • Advanced Pistol
  • Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course
  • Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home Course

That would be the bare minimum to ensure that said officers not exceed their authorized role in society.  To the men in blue, I am sorry if this post is harsh, but it’s got to stop. Seriously, I understand you take risks day in and day out, and are underpaid to do so.  But that doesn’t lessen the responsibility and behavior that are required and expected by society.




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