Ruger SR-762

Ruger has just announced a variant of their SR-556 design, now built around and chambered for the NATO 7.62/.308 cartridge.

Ruger SR-762

I’m kind of excited, and here is why…

When the SR-556 came out. I really liked it. I liked the lines and configuration and the piston action (always debatable).  There was one draw back, it’s not a standard AR. And one of the biggest selling points of the AR is that it is universal, replacement parts are available from hundreds of manufacturers.  Perhaps why it is the proverbial SHTF rifle, along with the Glock being the proverbial SHTF pistol. They are just so ubiquitous. So while I really liked it. I decided it probably makes more sense for me to first purchase a base AR15.

That said, I long thought that the SR-556 had an interesting potential not realized. The originall SR-556 could be set to a single-shot, non-reloading state. In order to hunt deer in PA, the rifle must be both of a significant cartridge and a single-shot action. I had long thought that were they to offer a replacement “hunting” piston that only allowed the action to be a single non-reloading shot, and were to offer it in a larger cartridge such as the .308 then Ruger’s AR system would make for a superb AR based hunting rifle platform.

Ruger has resolved one aspect of that idea, and the second one I wager would be fairly easy to do.

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Why you need the right to protect yourself?

Thug on a cycle, the man hit by the SUV has multiple prior incidents of criminal behavior. A suspended license. Was arrested on possession of drugs and felony possession of a firearm.  And nearly all charges were dropped, and he was released with a year’s probation time.

It has been said that nearly 85% of crime is by repeat offenders. I wager that figure is even higher if you calculated for crimes against strangers (eliminating domestic abuse, murders amongst those who knew each other, etc).

But a serious problem is that our legal system is doing a piss-poor job of keeping criminals locked up. Which might be a large part of the inspiration of my prior post regarding Oakland, CA

I am pretty convinced that this was a bike gang initiation. And that they surrounded, harassed the SUV. Did a bumper bump which went wrong. Then started attacking the SUV.  My only question is why did the owner ever stop long enough for them to pull him and drag him out of the car.


As a commuter who commutes from a free state (PA) to a penitentiary state (MD) it is extremely frustrating. Because I am a firm believer that one should have the right to defend yourself while in the vehicle with your family. Pennsylvania agrees with me, Maryland does not. Guess which one I choose to pay my property taxes to?

If society truly truly wanted to save lives, we would ban parole and early release. If it saved just 1 life, how about 100…a 1,000 maybe even 10,000?

I would be a Franklin that the elimination of parole, early release programs and the fully prosecution of criminals (ie: you’re a violent convicted felon caught with cocaine and a prohibited gun go directly to jail, do not pass probation) would result in at least a 1,000 lives saved a year.  And I wouldn’t even be surprised if 10,000 lives could be saved a year.

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Ross, Pennsylvania….

Ross, Pennsylvannia Shooting

I was reading comments on CNN about the shooting. And a number of folks said, you need to read more.

Apparently, there is a lot more to this case. Now, I am not condoning Mr. Newell’s actions.  But  when you read what he went through. Basically a combination of environmental regulations, storm damage, and demands from government “to do” on the part of a man with little means. The end result being that same demanding government, taking what little this man had left.  This follows years of battle with that same township government. Over a permit for structure. Except the permit was modified by that township AFTER issuing. 

After being homeless at the hands of the local government, evicted from his property, he fought back. That said, murder of innocents is unjustified!

Frankly, I do feel our regulations have become ridiculously oppressive and costly.

But I do wonder, how long until we have the first Americans sent to prison for not purchasing health insurance with money they don’t have?

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Thundersticks – New Gun Shop

A friend of mine and his father just opened the doors of their new gun shop today in Fawn Grove, PA.

Please check them out if you’re passing through the area.



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Rep. Eugene DePasquale on Castle Doctrine

PA Representative Eugene A. DePasquale hosted another online townhall meeting. In which one can field questions via the web

I asked Representative DePasquale about his stance on a castle doctrine style bill that would eliminate the threat of civil lawsuit in cases of justifiable defense as well as extend protection to one’s vehicle.

The following is an approx. paraphrase of Representative Eugene A. DePasquale in regards to his support of the castle doctrine. (Couldn’t type fast enough to get it word for word. If I can get a copy of the video I will edit the statement.)

“I will support such legislation…

It is one thing about the duty to retreat in a public place…but when someone is in their home – it is very difficult to expect them (we are not talking about trained law enforcement) to make a determination of threat level when someone has entered their home.

Someone can rationally believe that they are threatened when someone is rustling about downstairs in their home in the middle of the night.”

I am glad that Rep. DePasquale is aware of the intensity and stress involved in such a situation.  Recognizing that a common citizen is not able to train to the level of law enforcement, and cannot be expected to make a determination as to whether their skill allows them to subdue the perpetrator in a non-lethal manner. Something a police officer is trained to do.

I also inquired about his support for a revamping of Pennsylvania’s present beer laws which are quite archaic and asinine.  To which he expressed that Pennsylvania does need to address the situation and see some sort of reform. Though he did not seem completely clear as to what that reform should be.

For those unaware, trying to acquire a six-pack of you favorite craft beer in Pennsylvania can sometimes be as daunting as buying a firearm in Massachussets.

“It’s possible. It’s just a royal pain in the arse. And your selection is likely to be poor.”

White Rose (York, PA) Friends of the NRA Banquet

For residents of south central/eastern PA.  Our York county Friends of the NRA Banquet will be coming up in just a couple of months.

Thursday, May 06, 2010 5:30 PM  –  York, PA

Committee Name: White Rose
Holiday Inn/Conference Center
2000 Loucks RD
York, PA 17408


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Pittsburg given 10 days to respond…

“A judge said Pittsburgh has 10 days to respond to a National Rifle Association lawsuit challenging the legality of a city law requiring gun owners to report their lost or stolen guns.”

“The NRA’s lawsuit against the city claims that the ordinance violates the state’s Uniform Firearms Act of 1939, which says “no county, municipality or township may, in any manner, regulate the lawful ownership, possession or transportation of firearms … when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this commonwealth.””


Why this is extremely relevant?  Because we’re fighting the same battle here in York, Pennsylvania.  And the anti-gun advocates who never have their facts straight argued that Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have passed similar laws and haven’t been sued by the NRA. (We corrected them on that fact.)  Granted, they were correct in that the Brady Campaign has offered free legal assistance.

I will be sending this article to our city council….

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PA Castle Doctrine Bill in Judiciary Committee

One of the big announcements at the 2nd Amendment Rally was a push for a Pennsylvanian “Castle Doctrine” law.

State Senator Richard Alloway (R-33) has introduced critical self-defense reform legislation (Senate Bill 842) to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners in Pennsylvania.  This Castle Doctrine self-defense bill has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.SB842 would permit law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly force, against an attacker in their homes and any places outside of their home where they have a legal right to be.  It is clearly stated that there would be no “duty to retreat” from an attacker, allowing law-abiding citizens to stand their ground to protect themselves and their family.  SB842 would also protect individuals from civil lawsuits by the attacker or the attacker’s family when force is used.

Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee TODAY and respectfully urge them to support SB842.  Contact information for the committee can be found here.

H/T to NRA-ILA for links.

2nd Amendment Rally – Part III: “The Rally”

After checking in our sidearms. We proceeded up to the rotunda, only to find it chock full of people in support of freedom, liberty and the 2nd Amendment.

There were a number of speakers from the NRA, Sisters of the Second Amendment and more. Along with a raffle of a Ruger LCP, gift certificate and an autographed copy of Holbrook’s book on the 2nd Amendment.

Photos of the rally….

After the rally, we all broke up into several groups and went to the offices of the varying state senators and representatives.

Well the Democrats must have caught wind of the rally. As they were M.I.A. the entire time. One secretary told us they were in session. But then we found out they were not. Another that they were caucusing. Another taking photos. I pretty much walked away with the opinion that they had made sure that their schedule would be busy so as to avoid us.

We did go to the offices of a couple Republicans.  One had a meeting. A second, Merle Phillips, was in a meeting but would finish up soon and then he’d meet with us.  I overheard them talking about needing a camera.  I had my DSLR and offered to take some photos, and did so.

I asked if they had a business card so that I could email the photos. You should of seen my expression when the second man handed me his card and I realized it was John Sigler, President of the NRA. (So of course I got my picture taken too!)

Afterwards I hung out with Snowflakesinhell and and Bitter for a while.  Looking forward to seeing them again soon at the NRA Annual Meeting/Gun Bloggers Bash.

I’ve posted more photos up for those who want to see more…



UPDATED:   News article on the event can be found here.

Some have asked if they could download and repost the photos from the gallery. So I’ve provided a zip file (approx. 8 mb)

Photo Download

Tea Party Harrisburg, PA



Photos courtesy of Lindsey Proctor


I just really liked the irony in the mesage carved in stone versus the tendency of our government.  And I felt like the Tea Party was all about showing government the truth, and demanding truth from our government. There was a young lady passing by with a camera. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking a photo of me by the pillar with my Glenn Beck inspired pitchfork.

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