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How fame killed a football star and lost the NFL thousands of fans.

Look, I really don’t give a darn about football. Sometimes I enjoy. If I had to pick a team, it’d be the San Diego Chargers. But I couldn’t tell you much about them, not like my beloved Padres who I’ve remained a fan of 25 years after leaving San Diego.

So I’m givin you the outsider perspective. The NFL should of knocked some heads over the Jets handling of Tebow.  The truth is, one can debate whether Tebow is a good, great, mediocre or crappy player. We may never reall know.  But he was NOT a crappy player in college. And he did help the Broncos out.

Then comes the crux of the problem. The Tebowmania which has discouraged many teams from considering him. While simultaneously, you’ve to the Jets sabataging him by retaining Tebow until after the draft. When many teams have largely committed their capped budgets.

So who loses? Tebow? – yes. Tebow fans? – yes.  But I’ll argue the biggest loser is the NFL.  When Tebowmania was going on. I suddenly found myself reading about football. Learning about football. Crap, I even watched the Superbowl that year.  Oh, might I add that many of my co-workers talked about football and Tebow. Let me add that these co-workers are H1B visa holders (immigrants working in America on short term visas).  And yet they were being drawn in by it all.

Don’t you get it. Sure, Tebowmania was annoying for many. BUT…it was introducing new fans to the NFL. Folk who never gave football much time of day. And that, is something the NFL truly should be wanting – the growth of it’s fanbase.

I truly believe that the NFLs handling of this whole situation has cost them far more than it will ever cost Tebow.–tim-tebow-blackballed-by-nfl-teams-because-of-cult-like-following–media-frenzy-054940389.html

But hey, what does this make me think of the NFL? You can praise and defend murderers, thugs, dog torturers, druggies, rapists…..but goodness gracious, one new dog gets too much attention and acts in a positive manner. And you guys can’t handle it.  I’ll be straight up… the NFL is a bunch of “pussies”. Grow a bag and deal with his media attention.  If Tebow sucks as much as the Jets want to claim as their reason for not using him. It will only take a season or two. And it will be Tebow’s fault. 

In the end, I guess I should be glad for the NFL’s stupidity. After all, my wife would have likely grown quite perturbed with me had I actually started to get into watching football.

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