CSGV – We Love to Misrespresent the Facts

I meant to post this a few days ago, but got busy.

CSGV made a dramatization video of the Martin/Zimmerman incident. Of course they couldn’t do a real dramatization, because folks would be wondering…what was Mr. Martin doing for 2-4 minutes. 

All the voices seem to have this heightened falsetto tone which rather turns me off further.  But essentially it ends with dozens of hooded victims on ground and a quote that laws should protect the victims.

And you know what? I agree. Yes, I absolutely agree with CSGV on this. I think the only disagreement we have is WHO was the victim.  CSGV has a fundamental flaw. They exist to stop “Gun Violence”.  As such, they view any gun violence as bad. Even when that violence is protecting the lives of good/innocent people.

Were they to call themselves CSV, Coalition to Stop Violence. They might have objected to Mr. Martin smashing Mr. Zimmerman’s head into the ground. Might have objected to Mr. Martin initiating physical confrontation.  But that is not a concern to CSGV. They only care about guns which in all cases are bad. 

This is a common trait of anti-gun groups. And this is why we see criminals in their victim rolls. Because if a woman shoots and kills a man trying to rape her, CSGV views the rapist as the victim and the woman defending herself as the criminal.

PAGunblog.com postulates this video probably wasted a fair chunk of change with little likelihood to have much influence. (I do hope they’re correct.) I hope they’re right.  But you know, I’d love to see our side do a video which matches the facts.  Namely, Mr. Zimmerman in his car until dispatch asks him which way did the suspect run. Mr. Zimmerman stopping running when asked to do so (which believe it or not, even the CSGV video appears to depict).  And then Mr. Zimmerman on the phone with dispatch for a few minutes.  Likely watching the rear gate.  2 minutes or more passing by. Hangs up, walks back to his car and is suddenly jumped by Mr. Martin. Who punches him, breaks his nose, and begins smashing his head into the ground. 

I wonder if people saw that video, which follows most of the evidence we have.  If folks would think differently, and wonder what was Mr. Martin’s problem that he liked to resort to violence.


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How to write for Brady/CGSV

Should we just not do anything?

How long are we going to ignore this problem? This is untolerable. A travesty and a tragedy. Will we continue to tolerate guns in the hands of teenagers.

Will we let the gun lobby continue their death spree. How many more people have to die at the hands of teenagers with guns.

On January 4th, in North Carolina, Michael Henderson was shot and killed by a 14 year old wielding a gun. What did Michael do to deserve this. The teenager claims he was in the wrong neighborhood, more specifically, the wrong house. And just for that, he shot Michael Henderson dead. Michael Henderson’s three friends ran away terrified for their lives. For all we know Mr. Henderson just entered the house to borrow a cup of milk. Even if he borrowed a few other items from the home; is that any reason to shoot him dead? The disturbed 14 year old just assumed he was in the house to rob, steal or rape his sister. He has no proof.

If that isn’t bad enough. In Oklahoma, Justin Martin was killed by a gun wielding teenager – Sarah McKinley. The 18 year old McKinley was clearly mentally disturbed by the recent loss of a family member to cancer on Christmas day.

Justin Martin, a neighbor, came to visit and see how she was doing. He found all the doors locked and barricaded. Concerned he tried to enter the home and make sure she was okay. No sooner had he entered than 18 year old Sarah took his life. A very shaken up Dustin Stewart can be heard on a 9-1-1 call exclaiming that his friend Justin had just been shot and murdered. When police arrived on the scene they found Sarah to have a stockpile of firearms and ammo – including a 12 gauge shotgun and a pistol.

We need our legislators to pass laws that protect us from such gun wieldly teenagers. These unprecedented killings should not, cannot be tolerated anymore. The inaction of our legislators to pass stricter gun control laws is shameful. We must press them to pass new, stricter, legislation. We ask call your representative and voice your support for the “Keeping CRAP (Criminal Rapist Alive Protection) Act”

The above goes to show just how much presentation and tainting of facts can change the perception of actual events and twist the truth. While the above is full of much hyberbole, distortion of facts, the actual events were based on two recent incidents of self-defense against home invasions. While in each case a man was killed by a gun wielding teenager, the teenager was in fact the victim defending themselves against a criminal element.

The 2nd Amendment often finds itself maligned by articles filled with falsities, half truths, and outright lies (ie: high powered assault weapon – the .223 round used by AR rifles is in fact woefully small compared to most hunting calibers. In fact, in Pennsylvania it is considered to weak a cartridge to use in deer hunting.)

It is frustrating to see articles which simply regurgitate press feeds from CSGV or the Brady Campaign, which are filled with inaccuracies and lies. For years, these gun control groups have had the media’s ear with little to no counterpoint or rebuttal ever being published. But we’re making progress in both the public perception and the media (as Sebastian’s recent article on NPR coverage of the Glock shows)