Why you need the right to protect yourself?

Thug on a cycle, the man hit by the SUV has multiple prior incidents of criminal behavior. A suspended license. Was arrested on possession of drugs and felony possession of a firearm.  And nearly all charges were dropped, and he was released with a year’s probation time.

It has been said that nearly 85% of crime is by repeat offenders. I wager that figure is even higher if you calculated for crimes against strangers (eliminating domestic abuse, murders amongst those who knew each other, etc).

But a serious problem is that our legal system is doing a piss-poor job of keeping criminals locked up. Which might be a large part of the inspiration of my prior post regarding Oakland, CA

I am pretty convinced that this was a bike gang initiation. And that they surrounded, harassed the SUV. Did a bumper bump which went wrong. Then started attacking the SUV.  My only question is why did the owner ever stop long enough for them to pull him and drag him out of the car.


As a commuter who commutes from a free state (PA) to a penitentiary state (MD) it is extremely frustrating. Because I am a firm believer that one should have the right to defend yourself while in the vehicle with your family. Pennsylvania agrees with me, Maryland does not. Guess which one I choose to pay my property taxes to?

If society truly truly wanted to save lives, we would ban parole and early release. If it saved just 1 life, how about 100…a 1,000 maybe even 10,000?

I would be a Franklin that the elimination of parole, early release programs and the fully prosecution of criminals (ie: you’re a violent convicted felon caught with cocaine and a prohibited gun go directly to jail, do not pass probation) would result in at least a 1,000 lives saved a year.  And I wouldn’t even be surprised if 10,000 lives could be saved a year.

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In the news (summary)

  • Parole Leads to Death
  • How NYC Elections are Run
  • Mandatory Gun Ownership
  • Chicago Homicides Fall – but why?
  • UN(american) Arms Treaty
  • (Im)Probable Cause


Early release “clerical error” leads to another murdered victim…

“Leon’s mother-in-law, Bernadette Alness, told KUSA that someone should “stand up and be accountable.””

I truly believe that if parole boards were responsible in someway for the crimes those they release committed. We’d have far less violent crime in this nation.


Oops he didn’t have to serve his two sentence consectutively. Remind me, if I am ever sentenced. I want a 1 week sentence. Followed by whatever ever other sentence….because then I won’t have to serve it consecutively.  Seriously?


How New York elections are won…. “BRIBERY”

(Remember, a scandal is nothing more than a politicians normal daily activities revealed to the public.)

Mandotory Gun Checks – no, not background checks. 
But Nelson, Georgia has passed a law requiring that all its citizens be armed (or at least the heads of household).

[Note it bears no penalties, and exempts felons, handicapped (physical or mental), and anyone who objects.]



Chicago homicides plumet (28% drop in the past six months)

Question, is this due to?

a) When you’re as high as Chicago’s homicide rate, it’s hard to maintain that reputation consistently. Even Chicago’s gonna have a down quarter or two.

b) A change in how Chicago reports homicides… (“woman over there says it was a drive by,…mark it as a suicide recruit”)

c) McDonald vs Chicago – hey criminals, Chicago residents may be armed now…

d) Winter…burr…even the criminals stayed in doors this winter.

UN(american) approves first global arms trade treaty

“first treaty on global arms trade that seeks to regulate the $70 billion international business in conventional arms, ranging from light weapons to battle tanks and warships.”

“The main reason the arms trade talks took place at all is that the United States, the world’s biggest arms trader, reversed U.S. policy on the issue after President Barack Obama was first elected and decided in 2009 to support a treaty.”

Yes, the election of President Obama does jeopardize our freedoms.

“Its specific language recognizes the “legitimate trade and lawful ownership, and use of certain conventional arms for recreational, cultural, historical and sporting activities.”

But not “self-defense”, no recognition of that right. The NRA is right to object to this treaty.



Scroll down to the “Gun Laws Around the World” – there is NO PLACE like America.




Improbable Cause

Couple growing some tomatoes and such using an indoor hydroponics system finds themselves the victim of a SWAT raid. Turns out the couple was already well vetted by the Federal government, having worked prior for the CIA and having undergone an extensive background check. 

“During the sweep, the court filing said, the Hartes were told they had been under surveillance for months, but the couple “know of no basis for conducting such surveillance nor do they believe such surveillance would have produced any facts supporting the issuance of a search warrant.””

Isn’t this ALWAYS the case with this “mis-raids”, the individuals are supposedly under surveillance for month.  Seriously HOW !@#$% DUMB ARE OUR POLICE GETTING IF THEY CAN SPEND MONTHS OBSERVING AND NOT GET IT RIGHT!!!!  I know some good officers, please tell me WHAT is going on in the police hiring these days that these are the results we’re seeing as of late.


That Constitution thing, yes, that historical document. Does it have ANY meaning at all today? Our government is sending SWAT teams without cause, Federal government is listening to all our phone calls, reading all of our emails. Okay with drone assasinations of U.S. citizens, apparently on U.S. soil before Senator Rand Paul raised a fuss.



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“If it saves one life….ban parole!”

We always hear that claim. If it saves even one life.  Really? Really?  If you are ever told that, then exclaim back loudly “Then lets eliminate parole and early release programs.”

Far more lives would be saved in a year by that one change than an AWB would save in 10 years. It is almost rare that I ever hear of a violent assault, rape, robbery in which the criminal was committing their first crime and facing their first conviction.

“Ramsey [criminal] had a job, regularly met with his parole officer and had tested negative for drugs, Marlan said.His record also included convictions for destruction of police or fire property, resisting police and assault with a dangerous weapon.”

Clearly, parole board has failed. They have a knack for that.
In the case of this article of a rapist, who’s victim leapt from the vehicle and fled to a house.  And a 14 year old with a decent head on his shoulders.  He grabbed his hunting knife, the woman called 911, and the criminal tried to burn the house down.

But at least the 14 year old was smart enough to arm himself with the best tool he could find.  Remember, it’s the Right to Bear Arms – Not Right to Bear Guns … let’s NEVER forget that. Knives, swords, clubs, all should be protected.  

This is one of my only gripes about Pennsylvania law. I have an LTCF, or License to Carry Firearm…not a license to carry a weapon. And that bums me out. Yes, I do think we should be able to wield knives, swords, tazers, and in another 20 years – lasers.



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Castle Doctrine on Parole vs Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Below I am going to make the case that we have a law that we desperately need to repeal…

The Martin-Zimmerman case has enacted tons of attention on Florida’s Castle Doctrine and duty to retreat laws – this despite the fact that it is irrelevant to the case.

  1.  If Martin was actively beating Zimmerman while he was on the ground, per George Zimmerman’s testimony. Zimmerman has no means to retreat.
  2.  If Martin was fighting off a George Zimmerman who was forcibly confronting him, per the Martin side of things, than Zimmerman also does not fall under the duty to retreat clause, being the aggressor.

So what is the argument against Castle Doctrine in this case?

“Zimmerman should be arrested and jailed!”

But wait, I thought America believed in “Innocent until proven guilty!” And this is the crux of the matter, do we believe in innocence until proven guilty?

If so, we need to let the process work. We might need to nudge it, but I sure as heck DO NOT want to eliminate America’s “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” foundation. And I’d wager African-Americans are even less inclined to see us disolve that fundamental American trait. Cause let’s be honest, African-Americans have throughout American history more often than most groups found themselves presumed “Guilty Before Innocent”.

Let’s just hypothetical say that Zimmerman is telling the truth. Do we really want to send a man to prison if he’s innocent?

And if he’s not innocent, and that determination is made, then Zimmerman will go to prison for manslaughter.

But let’s talk about all the hub-bub regarding repealing Florida’s Castle Doctrine. Why? How did it affect this case other than Zimmerman isn’t sitting in jail right now awaiting determination to his innocent or out $5 Grand for a bail bond.

The real net result is very minimal in regards to final justice.

CONFESSION: I did feel that initially, it looked as if the process had stopped when there were numerous questions involving this case. And that continued investigation, and a judicial review was necessary. I still believe Zimmerman may be guilty, but with all the evidence released, I have probably moved from a 60% / 40% in Martin’s favor to 60% / 40% in Zimmerman’s favor. But all that said…my opinion is meaningless, it’s the investigators and/or jury’s that will count.


Now let’s talk about a law that Florida absolutely needs to repeal.


The parole process releases thousands of criminals onto our streets. And please understand, these are criminals – they have not completed their sentences. They haven’t “done the time, for the crime”.

I don’t know the exact figure, but I would wager an estimate that 85% of these parolees commit crimes upon their release. Though far less are likely caught, and even less lose their parole. My family had dealings (unfortunately) with one convicted Federal felon on parole. He was habitual in both fraud and crime, and yet three law enforcement branches did nothing about it for over a year.

One study concluded 45% of parolees fail their parole. Now realize, what that means…1/2 of parolees fail. Of that, the article claims 2/3 return for technicalities. Now considering it took about a dozen crimes for the one parolee I’ve ever had to deal with. I wager he probably returned on a technicality as well.

What affect does the returning of parolees to society result in? Per this article

  • 8% rise in aggravated (violent) assault
  • 20% rise in robbery reports
  • 10% rise in burglarly reports
  • 20% rise in murder rates

So the misguided claim is that Florida’s Castle Doctrine law is reponsible for the death of an innocent youth. Okay, well parole is responsible for the death, rapes and assault of tens of thousands of innocent people. If we need to abolish a law, one that leads to the harm and death of innocents, then clearly, the practice of parole should be abolished.

Imagine the life Jaycee Dugard would have had if Phillip Garrido , a convicted kidnapper, rapist, sex offender had not been paroled – who testified in court, “that he masturbated in his car by the side of grammar schools and high schools“. 

Do you think Jaycee’s life would have been better if she wasn’t locked in a basement being raped repeatedly for nearly 20 years?

Seriously, I believe the parole system is fundamentally broken. It exists because our prisons are too full. Our prisons are too full because we fill our prisons with perpetrators of so-called “victimless crimes”.  Be it an individual who enjoys growing and smoking cannibas or an elderly handicapped orchid hobbyist arrested by a SWAT team. (Seriously, neither is someone I want filling up my jails. If you want to abuse your body on drugs, that’s your call. The mere choice of drug, cannibas vs alcohol/tobacco really shouldn’t be the difference of freedom or prison. 2 years of filling up a prison slot that could have been used for a violent murdering rapist. Really, which do you want locked up and kept from society. 

God help those who find themselves or their loved ones harmed by a parolee. I believe at that point, the government has failed in it’s duty. Releasing violent criminals to prey upon society and repeat their crimes is negligence on the part of the government – and de facto negation of the rights we have ceded to them.

Therefore, I believe we should enact a campaign to have Florida repeal parole. Thousands more innocents are harmed in Florida by the parole process than Castle Doctrine.

In the news…

Evil man who kidnapped an 11 yr old and fathered 2 children with her was arrested AGAIN!!!

“That check revealed that Garrido was on federal parole for a 1971 conviction for rape and kidnapping, for which he had served time in the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas.”


I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of judges/parole boards releasing these guys back onto our streets. People talk about vigilante justice and how bad it is. Frankly, it’s far better than a legal system that feeds little children to the man-lions.

Senator Ted Kennedy has passed.  The quest to choose his heir has begun. List includes numerous potentials. But being Mass, we can pretty much ensure the following, the winner will be: Democrat & liberal!

Is there any chance of us getting a pro-gun Senator. Not likely…but we can always hope.  The article mentions a possible bid by former Representative Joe Kennedy.  Who if he ran, would probably get elected from the mere fact that thousands of elderly will go to the polls and vote for Kennedy, not even realizing he is dead.  If you don’t think that sort of thing is a factor in elections, than you don’t understand politics of cities.

And who is Joe Kennedy?  It goes like this “We need a Kennedy!”  “Which one?”  “Oh, I don’t care, just give us any ol’ Joe”…


Totally off-topic. But I couldn’t resist sharing…

Man hires contract workers, pays them only $2,000 a year. But he pays them with United States $50 coins. (Which happen to be 1oz of gold.)  IRS states it’s a tax-evading scheme.  As the value of the gold is approx. $40,000.  But since the workers only earned $2,000 officially, according to the law they do not have to report it.

“The IRA claims it’s a tax-evading scam”

But I think we all know the real problem. The problem is the government is the SCAM!