.380 to the head…50/50 chance for one family

A woman with a restraining order out on her husband finds, as have many women, that it was quite ineffective at protecting her. Apparently, God was a bit more effective…

Her husband came in and shot her point blank in the head with a .380 caliber pistol. He than proceeded to go outside and shoot himself.  The result, apparently this family only has a 50/50 chance of dying from a .380 gun shot wound.

While the husband was successful in killing himself. He failed in his attempt to kill his wife. The bullet hit her in the head, passed through her skull, through the lobe areas and out the back of her skull.  But did not kill her. Dazed and confused she made herself some tea and offered some to the police officer when he arrived.


H/T to Snowflakes

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.300 WinMag – steel plates “no problem”


I think I want a .300 WinMag!

The videos are quite useful for showing how much penetration various calibers have, in particular .223, which only penetrates the first slab.  But even still, it’s penetrating through it. The .300 WinMag, wow, what can I say.  Where do you hide from one of those?


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