In the news… movie theatre shooting in PA!

There are a number of movies coming out that I want to see, including: Tale of Desperaux and Clint Eastwood’s new film “Gran Torino”.  A movie theatre was one of the first places of business I carried into, and with regards to carrying.

Movie theaters are one of the most comfortable and least comfortable places to carry. Comfortable because they’re dark, and for a person new to carrying. It gives a comfort to the concerns of spotting, etc.  Uncomfortable, because having a sidearm on can make trying to sit in those theatre seats a tad uncomfortable. For this reason there were times I contemplated not carrying my sidearm, but I remembered the adage “If you carry, always carry!”  So I accepted discomfort in exchange for safety.

Today’s news has confirmed to me that I made the proper choice.  A family toward the front of a theatre was making noise. Being a dad, I suspect it was the usual family situation of parent trying to make child be quiet, then endeavoring to find out what it is that has the child making noise so that they can satisfy the child in hopes of quieting the kid.  Well in this case, a fellow patron took offense to the noise of the family was making.  He threw popcorn at the son then approached the family and drew a Kel-Tec .380 (I’m presuming this is the P3AT) pistol and shot the father in the arm.  This confirms to me that my decision to carry in spite of being uncomfortable is indeed the right choice.

Thankfully, this did not result in a mortal wound. However, I am very bothered by this situation, because this man was carrying a pistol commonly carried by permit holders.  I am hoping that the shooter is not a permit holder, and just a typical scumbag criminal. Because such a situation is merely feed for the trolls at the Brady Camp.


I was rather surprised not to have seen anything about this incident in the gun blogosphere.  If anyone know’s more, please give us an update. Was James Joseph Cialella a permit holder or just your usual street urchin?

UPDATE: Sebastian over at SnowflakesInHell was able to confirm the following charge having been made in this case.

12/25/2008  “Firearms Not To Be Carried W/O License”

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