What to expect at NRA Annual Meetings?

Opportunities to meet amazing people like two time Olympic gold medalist, four time medalist Kim Rhodes. 

I had the opportunity to briefly interview Ms. Rhodes regarding shotgun shooting sports. Meeting amazing competitors is just one of many activities that make the NRA Annual Meetings so enjoyable.

More info on shotgun sports:



Sporting Clays


See everyone in St. Louis tomorrow. The NUGUN Blog will begin it’s “live” coverage of the event. Follow us on Twitter

The End of the World Draws Nigh

Trying to find the biggest crowds they can find. The EOWhackos showed up at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.  These guys must have a bit of money. They had three RVs all decked out with full paint jobs. But I guess it only takes a few fools to sell their homes and donate to the cause to pay for such things.

I did briefly have the opportunity to talk with one of these unusual folk. Trying to educate them about the Scriptures was pretty pointless. But I did manage to discover the basis of their philosophy from one of their pamphlets.

Essentially, they believe they have calculated the day of Noah’s flood. And that May 21st will be 6,000 years later. Yeah, okay…even if they really believed this. What’s the point of just marching around telling people the world is coming to an end. Neither of the foot people I encountered even bothered to share a message of salvation. So what’s the point? An astronomer could warn about the end of the world from an incoming asteroid. Isn’t the point to be offering salvation or something. Lame!

If for ANY REASON you happen to believe that the world is in fact ending tomorrow. Here is what I want you to do. Find a large cardboard box. Put all of your rifles and pistols inside it. Then go to your bank and withdraw all your savings in cash. Put it all in the box, and ship it to me via UPS. (Hint: Use your credit card to pay for shipping. Heck, max out your CC buying gold coins and put those in the box too.)  In return I will dedicate a shrine to your memory.

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NRAAM Exhibits: Part I

There were numerous booths, exhibits, and tables. The exhibit hall was in fact split into two rooms, a large one and a larger one. Below you can see a panoramic of the upper (larger) exhibit hall.

Pre-event: I managed to enter the exhibit hall on Thursday and snap some photos of a number of booths in various stages of set-up.

Later Ruger’s booth would look something like this (360 Panoramic)

Shouldn’t there be a “Gun Dude” around here somewhere?

But if for whatever reason, you need a really unusually sized safe, Superior Safe seems to be in the custom size business.

A lot more posts and coverage coming. It’s just a LOT of work to upload, label, sort all these photos and thoughts.

Just to give you a teaser/preview of what the NRA Exhibit Halls held, take a gander at these two videos.

Pittsburg given 10 days to respond…

“A judge said Pittsburgh has 10 days to respond to a National Rifle Association lawsuit challenging the legality of a city law requiring gun owners to report their lost or stolen guns.”


“The NRA’s lawsuit against the city claims that the ordinance violates the state’s Uniform Firearms Act of 1939, which says “no county, municipality or township may, in any manner, regulate the lawful ownership, possession or transportation of firearms … when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this commonwealth.””


Why this is extremely relevant?  Because we’re fighting the same battle here in York, Pennsylvania.  And the anti-gun advocates who never have their facts straight argued that Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have passed similar laws and haven’t been sued by the NRA. (We corrected them on that fact.)  Granted, they were correct in that the Brady Campaign has offered free legal assistance.

I will be sending this article to our city council….

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