Taurus and S&W take their lead from Ruger

1. Announces new polymer framed revolver in the Taurus Judge line. I am just hoping that Taurus didn’t rush development on this.

2. Announces the Taurus TCP (okay, I think marketing could have been a little bit more creative). A small compact pistol chambered in .380 and carries 6+1.  Looks like a neat little gun.



Per Massad Ayoob S&W announced a polymer revolver and a .380 pistol.

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Ruger announces the LCR & Tactical configuration of Mini-14

See here for more details on the LCR


The Ruger LCR is a lightweight revolver chambered in .38SPL+P. What sets it apart from similar rivals is that while the main frame is aluminum the fire control housing is polymer. The stainless steel cylinder has also been fluted to reduce weight.  It’s available with Hogue or Crimson Trace grips with an MSRP of  $525 and $792 respectively. (Frankly, I’d love to have this in .327 Magnum.)

Tactical configuration of the Mini14. Some said we’d never see such from Ruger.  MSRP $872.00

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