Bush only worse…. see some friends on the left having doubts

This White House has been horrible at transparency. In 2010, in more than a third of the requests for public records, the Obama administration didn’t provide any information. In fact, the administration has released fewer recordsunder the Freedom of Information Act than were released during the George W. Bush administration. 


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In the news….

  • Bullet Proof White Boards
  • Fireworks not reloading supplies
  • Majority of Americans NOT disappointed gun control bills failed…huh what? How to reconcile the two polls?
  • Judge skeptical of request to dismiss “Fast and Furious” lawsuit.
  • What did the President know? And when did he know it?


Bullet Proof White Boards – personally, I think it’s a great idea.  Though I’d recommend larger boards on the hallway side wall.


In the past I’ve discussed a few strategies in how teachers can arrange their room in order to provide protection and increase the safety of their classrooms.


Fireworks, not reloading supplies, appear to be the source of powder for the Boston bombers.



Majority of Americans NOT disappointed that the gun control bills failed. How did we go from 83% of Americans favoring background checks to 39% “happy or relieved” that the bill failed?

Of the 40 percent who followed the vote closely. 31% were happy, only 22% were angry.  I think this points to the key demographic. Basically, pro-gun has 60% of the “we care” vote.


Interesting, the article points to American’s inate “Libertarianism”. And this is why I think the Republican party keeps failing. They don’t understand that while baby boomers may care about social issues.  The 40 and under, are far more concerned about liberty and equality.

Republicans JUST DON’T GET IT!!!

Judge skeptical of request to dismiss Fast and Furious suit.
What did the President know and when did he know it?

Sure seems like the FBI has dropped the ball in this case. Maybe even more than once.  Perhaps we should ask the mysterious Misha if the FBI ever had the ball?


(Will we see the media handle President Obama as they did President Bush – doubtful. Even though President Obama has far more in question. President Bush hadn’t even been in office for a year when 9-11 happened. President Obama is in his second term.)


Mitt Romney is going to lose…if he doesn’t change his game.


Mitt Romney is making a fundamental failure in his campaign. He’s challenging President Obama, a candidate who is far more charismatic, and will carry most of the left by defualt.  He’s pitted himself against the person of Obama, and frankly, I hate to break it to Mitt Romney, but I don’t think he has what it takes to win that popularity fight.


There is a way Mitt Romney can win.  And ironically, it could be the recent drought that could edge him over into the White House.

Mitt Romney needs to not focus so much on President Obama, as crazy as that sounds.  And turn his guns on another target. Congress!

Mitt Romney trails President Obama in ‘likeability’ polls. But Congress trails both men by an abyssmal level.  And this should be where Mitt Romney should play his cards. Romney should point to the recent drought, and point to the fact that Congress went on recess and did NOTHING.

Fostering the disdain for Congress (11% approval rating) that Americans currently has may not seem like a way to win a presidential election.  But think about it…exemplify Congress’ failure to act, failure to accomplish. Exclaim how Congress failed to do what was needed in regards to the recent unprecedented drought the likes of which haven’t been seen since the 50’s or even the Great Depression era of the dustbowl.  Expound that this was a time for Congress to act, not recess…

Okay, so now you’ve hit Congress. Almost every American can join you on this front.  Now, after he’s gotten a large portion of America to agree that Congress is a BIG issue, and a large part of our problem. He merely needs to come out and exclaim “And America needs a President who not only is able to work with Congress, but to lead and encourage Congress to get the job done!”  You turn the entire political race into a one issue race.  It’s no longer about guns, gays, whatever. Instead you’ve made it about one thing “Congress and the Economy STUPID!” 

Essentially saying that Congress isn’t getting it done, and you need a President who can lead Congress into getting it done. And denounce President Obama as just not having shown he has that ability.

In doing so, Mitt Romney should even avoid partisanship. There is enough blame to go around and for both parties.Romney should be open and admit “My party is to blame too.  It’s one thing to debate a social issue that Americans are divided over. But I think all Americans would agree with me, when it comes to dealing with an emergency or unusual event, such as the drought that has struck a large portion of our farmers and ranchers this year, politics should be set aside and the issue addressed. Not recessed!”

I believe this strategy will have a far better chance of getting Romney elected to the President. If he keeps facing President Obama on a diversity of issues he will lose. He is losing. He needs to make this a one issue race, and show he is the man for that issue.

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2nd Amendment Rally – Part III: “The Rally”

After checking in our sidearms. We proceeded up to the rotunda, only to find it chock full of people in support of freedom, liberty and the 2nd Amendment.

There were a number of speakers from the NRA, Sisters of the Second Amendment and more. Along with a raffle of a Ruger LCP, gift certificate and an autographed copy of Holbrook’s book on the 2nd Amendment.

Photos of the rally….

After the rally, we all broke up into several groups and went to the offices of the varying state senators and representatives.

Well the Democrats must have caught wind of the rally. As they were M.I.A. the entire time. One secretary told us they were in session. But then we found out they were not. Another that they were caucusing. Another taking photos. I pretty much walked away with the opinion that they had made sure that their schedule would be busy so as to avoid us.

We did go to the offices of a couple Republicans.  One had a meeting. A second, Merle Phillips, was in a meeting but would finish up soon and then he’d meet with us.  I overheard them talking about needing a camera.  I had my DSLR and offered to take some photos, and did so.

I asked if they had a business card so that I could email the photos. You should of seen my expression when the second man handed me his card and I realized it was John Sigler, President of the NRA. (So of course I got my picture taken too!)

Afterwards I hung out with Snowflakesinhell and and Bitter for a while.  Looking forward to seeing them again soon at the NRA Annual Meeting/Gun Bloggers Bash.

I’ve posted more photos up for those who want to see more…



UPDATED:   News article on the event can be found here.

Some have asked if they could download and repost the photos from the gallery. So I’ve provided a zip file (approx. 8 mb)

Photo Download