Gangs not Guns

Even Rahm Emmanuel is having to face the music….

“Emanuel puts the blame for the city’s recent eruption of violence on gangs. The city has adjusted its strategy to focus on gang violence”

This is at least a bit more realistic. But can I ask a simple question.  Why was the city not focused on gang violence? Seriously, if Chicago PD wasn’t focused on this, then every chief/department head needs to be fired ASAP.

So let’s be honest, you’ve been focused on gangs all along. You’re just failing…maybe you’ve decided to try some new tactics – about time!

And might I add, I fully support Rahm Emmanuel’s decision to focus on gangs and wish him luck. This is where the effort SHOULD be placed.

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Rahm Emmanuel – scariest man in Washington?

Rahm Emmanuel expresses his plan to eliminate the 2nd Amendment for many Americans without due process. (Video from approx. 2 yrs ago.)

Simply appearing on the “No Fly List” (same list that has had Senators and numerous others names on it and provides no recourse).  Americans need to wake up!


Rahm, you are the biggest terrorist and threat to America I currently see…

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