Senator Rand Paul #filiblizzard

Last night Senator Paul fillibustered for 13 hours to protest the very loose interpretation of being able to assasinate an American citizen on U.S. territory via a drone, without due process. And dangerous proposition because of it’s slippery slope.  While perhaps President Obama would be unlikely to choose such action, what if a president 10 years down the road deems a few Congressmen meeting together to discuss opposition to the sitting president a “threat” and issues a drone strike. How many suffered in the “red hunts” of the 60’s. Do we trust our government to be mature enough to handle such power?

I am greatful that Senator Rand Paul stood up to at least raise some thought on the issue.  I am also very thankful to the following senators (including our own Pat Toomey) for joining him.

Senators we should be thanking:

Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky)
Senator Mike Lee (Utah)
Senator Ted Cruz (Texas)
Senator Jerry Moran (Kansas)
Senator Marc Rubio (Florida)
Senator Saxby Chambliss (Georgia)
Senator John Cornyn (Texas)
Senator John Barasso (Wyoming)
Senator John Thune (South Dakota)
Senator Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania)
Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon)*

*Extra special thanks to Ron for crossing his party line and standing up for liberty.

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Primary Talk: Broken Primaries and Brokered Conventions

I had a thought a while back, and it’s rather interesting to see that thought is growing on many people’s minds. Is there potential for something surprising to come out of this primary. And I think there is…

I’m not a big fan of Romney, there are aspects of Newt I like, but many more aspects make him a toad. Santorum, stands for many issues I believe in, but then does it in ways I dislike. 

Ron Paul, of all candidates is the one who in recent years has caused me the most reflection and self re-evaluation of what I believe to be right – and why.  To me, he is the only candidate who would likely shake things up.

The primaries are confusing things.  Many don’t even realize that often they’re voting in nothing more than a “straw poll” which declares who is popular at the moment. And that the real election is by the delegates. Each state handles this differently. Some states require all delegates to vote according to the polls while others do not. Furthermore, there are numerous “party members” who get to vote as an establishment – something I fundamentally disagree with.

All that said, this election has the potential to go in an unusual direction. The media has repeated called for Romney. But Romney has had some big/surprising losses both to Newt and Santorum. (And there is a good chance Maine should have gone to Ron Paul.) These set backs weaken his total dominance. It also shows that the Republican party vote is extremely split. If this trend continues with Newt and Santorum winning a few here and there. The balance could be shaped in which none of the candidates have the necessary delegates (1,144) to win the nomination on their own.

This results in a “brokered convention”, in which all delegates are allowed to vote freely if bound and in which the delegates of weaker candidates are encouragage to support the stronger candidates. Now if Romney or another candidate does go on to achieve the 1,144 necessary delegate votes. There is no brokering. But if not…things could get real fun and interesting.

There seems to be a growing speculation as to whether a brokered ticket featuring Mitt Romney & Ron Paul could come of this.  And there are some peculiarities that might hint at that possibility.  Areas to which speculators point to:

  1. The fact that very little mud-slinging has occurred between the two candidates.
  2. The two candidates have been seen as very cordial to each other off camera.Rumor has it their wives became friends in the 2008 campaign. So that might account for a lot…but it could also be a bridge.
  3. A combined ticket might be more likely to defeat President Obama.
  4. Even in some contentious situations (ie: Maine caucus), Ron Paul has chosen not to raise a stink on irregularities.
  5. Ron Paul’s campaign has been organizing to take win delegate seats. Rumors persist that he is gaining more delegates than he would normally receive based on polls. And may have a fairly strong delegate hand.

So could we see a Romney/Paul ticket?  Maybe….but I’m not so sure.

  1. Ron Paul and Romney differ on many viewpoints.
  2. If Romney wins the delegates, I doubt he’d make such a compromise.
  3. Ron Paul is seen by many to be outside the mainstream.
  4. It’s all just speculation and rumor.
  5. Age…Ron Paul is older than the rest of the candidates running.

Why it might happen and might even work?

  1. To be frank, I do not believe Romney can beat President Obama. Nor do I believe Santorum or Gingrich can, in fact, as much as I like Ron Paul – I doubt he’d be able to bring about a win over President Obama.  But, quite a while back, I postulated a Romney/Paul ticket would have a much better change of winning.  Ron Paul might lose half his supporters. But he also swings a small portion of the Democrat vote. And when we’re talking 2%-3% margins of win. A mere 1%-2% percentage points shifted can make all the difference. 
  2. Adding Ron Paul to the ticket is unlikely to seriously hurt Romney.  Sure, there are some staunch establishment conservatives who dislike Ron Paul.  But in those circles Romney can dismiss their fears by pointing to Vice President Biden as an example of the office of VP being essentially meaningless. Besides, those not liking Paul are more to be voting “against Obama”; so little negative affect will be seen vote wise. 
  3. Ron Paul might be seeking a Romney/Paul ticket. But he might not be seeking it for himself?  Could he be pursuing the addition of his son, Rand Paul, to the ticket?  The Kentucky Senator is younger, more junior than Romney, and doesn’t bring quite the same baggage & stigma that Ron Paul carries. Furthermore, he’s more photogenic – and that’s a big plus in modern elections.

If we do see a Mitt Romney/Rand Paul ticket – don’t be surprise. Just kick back, nuke some popcorn, and enjoy what will be a much more interesting election.


If we can’t trust our Senators…who can we trust?

U.S. Senator Rand Paul was stopped by TSA and prevented from boarding a flight. Apparently, he triggered an alarm while going through the body scanner. He refused a pat down, but had offered to go through the scanner again.

It’s pretty sad, when a Senator, son of a Presidential candidate, is unable to board a flight courtesy of the TSA. And while I know that many will say we should all be treated equal, to which I mostly agree, but I must state that if we are really that afraid of our top elected officials being terrorists. Then we have serious, serious, problems.

[UPDATE: May even be some breach of power issues in this case as well.]

SECTION 6 of the Constitution reads “They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”
The one good side to this incident is that the Silly TSA agents just gave one of their biggest opponents extra ammunition.

There was a time I was concerned to fly because of Al Quaeda. There was a one in a million chance I might be terrorized. Now, thanks to the TSA, I am nearly guaranteed to be terrorized. I have not flown since the TSA scanner/pat down policies were implemented. Thankfully, I’ve been able to avoid this conflict. My concern is increased with reports that the TSA seems to be increasingly leaving their airports, and train stations to venture onto American highways.

ARTICLES [1] [2] [3]

We all talk about lines in the sand. Where do we draw them? How do we draw them? I believe unwarranted random stops, searches and seizures on the part of the TSA violate the Constitution. When should a U.S. citizen simply continue driving in civil disobedience. (Yes, there will be consequences. But there were consequences for Rosa Parks when she rode the bus.)

When does one say enough of the slippery slope? I do not know…but I am greatly saddened that my fear of our own government agencies is surpassing my fear of Al-Quaeda. Is this the “Victory” in the war on terror we were looking for?

Will I one day find myself detained for simply having “Ron Paul 2012” emblazened on my bumper? If so, what do we do America?

One of the biggest reasons I am supporting Ron Paul in this election, is because I believe we are heading toward a tipping point. And we need someone who will absolutely say “We won’t go there.” And for all the talk of candidates, there is only one who has made that stance.

I don’t want to ever have to face my lines in the sand. I know a few of them, that I will not let be crossed. Those pretty much involve the harm and/or detention of my children or wife. Most others are still gray and in the distant fog. I want them to stay that way. I don’t want them to ever be close enough that I will be able to see them defined with their edges.

I want to continue believing in and loving America!

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