Off-Topic Rant: Dear Supreme Court…. FU!!!!!

Seriously, this morning was a waffle on Supreme Court for me. First, the upheld the first sale doctrine (the fact that if you buy something, you have the right to re-sale).  Which was under threat by an interpretation that the Constitution only protected first sale of goods made in the USA. And international goods were not protected.  Which considering how few goods are 100% made in the USA could have been catastrophic (basically every electronic device would have been prohibited from re-sale).  So this was a no brainer IMHO. 

So why am I fuming !@#$% mad?

Because the Supreme Court refused to even hear the case of RIAA vs Jammie Thomas. Who was fined $222,000 for sharing 24 songs – and at one point the award was in the millions.  Now we can debate the morality of file sharing, downloading, etc. And if you want, let’s go at it in the comments.  Because frankly, RIAA and the copyright cartel have engaged in more theft, abuse and fraud than anyone else.

But the simple fact is that those songs are 99 cents each.  24 songs and a $222,000 fine is basically a fine that approaches 100,000x the value of the stolen goods. 

And in light of the Eighth Amendment – “Prohibition of excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted”; seems to me to be a direct violation of the Constitution.

And to most of us folk, it essentially boils down to a deep pocket lobbying group who has spent millions bribing corrupt legislators (Senator Hatch may you choke on tortilla chip). In order to protect an extinct and abusive business model.

Yes, this case should have been heard.  And I’m not saying she isn’t guilty. I am saying that a 100,000x fine is disgustingly and unconstitutionally excessive – a $2,200 fine is what she should be fined.

Shame on the Supreme Court.  Shame! SHAME! SHAME!!!


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The (not so) New iPhone 5…blah blah blah (#crApple)


I’ve been icnreasingly annoyed with Apple for the past two years. The recent boondoggle lawsuit has only furthered that annoyance.  Today, the iPhone 5 is being announced, right this moment in fact.

I have yet to see a single new feature mentioned in the “completely redesigned”:

– new port (finally got rid of the largest connector in the cell phone industry…good job #crApple)

– new map program, because your old one hadn’t been updated in several years because of your war with Google

– VIP email, thank you…of course, Gmail allows you to create filters so you could do something fairly similar.

– incrementally faster processors…expected

– new Siri can launch apps, just like my HTC 6700, which is over 1/2 a decade ancient

– LTE, finally iPhone users can have 4G like everyone else….

– Panoramic photos, store card bank, and lots more apps that you’ve been using for several years – we cloned them.  No, we don’t think that’s wrong. Only we’re allowed to sue over such stupid things.

– more screen, in fact we finally joined the 16:9 aspect ratio revolution – or at least close to it

– NFC (Not For crApple) phones.

– Complete redesign and rebuild of iTunes – ABOUT BLOODY TIME crAPPLE.  Knowing you guys, you redid the entire music/store focus, and forgot to improve the app/synching/stability aspect.  Remember PING, all the wasted time.

– Clumsy Ninja, used to need a super-computer, now an iPod touch….sheesh, when did this need a super computer? 10 years ago…maybe?

– Super-secret wrist strap button for your iPod touch. Just what EVERYONE wanted.  Are we jumping the shark here Apple? I’m not sure if the iPhone5 would have been much different under Steven Jobs. But I am pretty after this, the iPhone 6 would be.

– EAR PODS….Okay, I give credit where credit is due. These look innovative, stylish, odd, but a definite improvement.  Look like they’d be more comfortable over a long period of time. And air flow design might help both in comfort and sound quality KUDOS apple.

Allow me the ability to back-up and restore individual apps. And to transfer my iPhone syncing to another machine without erasing, and I might be content.

So there we have it folks, about as I’ve predicted. Updated processor, LTE enabled, iPhone with a modernized plug.  Now granted, iOS 6 has some interested and desirable features. But knowing #crApple, you’ll have to buy the iPhone 5 to use most of the features. Because things like “child mode” can’t be run on your older iPhone…ju$t $aying.

I think I am starting to understand Apple’s lawsuit of Samsung. If this constitutes a “completely redesigned” phone, crApple must not be able to think outside of the flat rounded box.


Where Apple should have gone.

– iPod, wireless synching, wireless broadcast…any Apple Air speakers could be broadcast too. No more cables.

– bluetooth audio streaming would be nice, most other phones have had this for like several years. And the iPhone still CANNOT do this. (Oddly, I can get it do it on a phone call, just not any other time.)

Seriously, not impressed.  And I am glad, because I really want to leave the iOS platform. And well, this feeble update, let’s call it iPhone4SII  – we changed the exterior and called it a new phone. Seriously, I expect Apple’s stock to take a fair dive today.  I think people wanted something a bit more advanturous for #5.  Granted, the wide angle screen + mini connector + LTE alone will drive sales.  But these SHOULD have been done back in the 4/4S era.

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The Damnable Pretentious Prius

Yes, Prius’ have that pretentious reputation. And often well deserved.  (See recent report on how rich people driving high end cars were “meaner” drivers, one other group fell into that category the “Prius” – so much for nicer greener earth.) 

So why am I talking about the Prius today?  Because my 2002 Prius just gave up the ghost.  No, it wasn’t the battery. It fried it’s inverter. Mind you, I had fairly well babied this vehicle doing all the maintenance, and even doing at the dealer.

I had rather expected a Toyota to make it to at least 200,000.  Even the Prius, with the off chance of it maybe needing a battery.   Well to be honest, my Prius did not impress me much outside of it’s 39-41mpg performance.   It was a touch quirky, needed a number of odd repairs over the years. And now has died a 190K miles.  Yes, that’s about 40K more than most of my Chevy’s got.  But all in all I found it’s ergonomics, reliability, and lifespan not all that impressive. Granted, it was a first generation Prius.

So the NUGUN Blog is now the need a NUCAR Blog.




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Losers Keepers, Finders Weepers

Read something this morning that kind of irked me into an off-topic rant:

In May 2007 a marine exploration and salvage company discovered the largest find of sunken treasure in history. Estimated to be worth as much a $500 million.

However, it now looks as if they will lose all their hard work as Spain has claimed ownership and the courts have decided in Spain’s favor.

So let me see if I have my facts straight?

1. Spain believes the treasure to be from the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes.  Though there is no confirmation.

2. It was supposedly on a commercial voyage at the time.

3. The Spain of today is NOT the Spain of the 1800’s. There has been a number of regime change. Spain no longer has a king.

4. Spain did not find the lost ship nor salvage the contents. 

5. Where did the gold and silver in fact come from? Is this really Spain’s or was it the property of South Americans in Puru?  Why would it be in the Americas?
What this comes across to me is a typical “Bigger Begets Better”, Spain is big. Here’s a small little firm. We can’t let them have a 1/2 a billion dollar find. So we’ll grant it to Spain.

Frankly, if I were Odyssey Marine Exploration, I’d be tempted to fly it all on a plane and drop it back into the sea and tell Spain to go get it if they want it. Only thing that’d keep me from doing that is the historical nature of the discovery.

There has been a growing policy against finders of valuables. There was a time that if you found something, you could turn it into the police who would hold it for a period of time to allow someone to claim the lost good. After which time you would receive the item back if no one claimed it.  And while most places require you to turn in goods you’ve found, the policy enacted by most departments is to simply auction it off for their own benefit.

It’s a bad policy, as it discourages people from reporting finds. I am of the opinion, that a far more honest and equitable action regarding the “Black Swan” discovery would be to mandate the find be split 50/50 between the discoverers and original verifiable owners.  But to expect “Black Swan” to turn over the entire treasure to Spain is ridiculous.  It will put an end to efforts of discovery. Such a treasure trove would have helped Odyssey Marine Exploration to launch many more explorations in the future. Purchase new equipment. And lead to even more archeological discovery. 

We are systematically removing the benefit of hardwork from our society.

Imagine you stumble across an old box in the attic of a house you just purchased in Pennsylvania. Inside is a rifle and a note from one Danielle Boone leaving said rifle until he can pick it up later.  You’ve got a verifiable and documentable rifle of Danielle Boone. And suddenly,  the courts say you must turn it over to Danielle Boone’s descendents. Is that equitable?–treasure-dispute/index.html?hpt=hp_bn2
(salvage company’s page on the discovery)

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Something I have in common with the OWS movement…

I believe that the banks and those politicians in bed with them should be bulldozed, and jailed.

Why do I feel this way? Perhaps it’s because in the past several years, I have been ripped off to the tune of $20,000+ by the banking industry.

Or maybe, it’s because our nation bailed out this industry to the tune of trillion of dollars. All in the name of “credit liquidacy”. And al l the banks did was buy each other out, consolidate the competition and raise fees.

So excuse me when I find myself trying to refinance to a better rate, and am unable to get a loan because I went through a prolonged period of unemployment.  (Something that has occurred to nearly 20% of Americans in the past few years.)  You’d think the fact that my wife and I did not miss a single bill during that period, and in fact, we maintained credit ratings over 800 would play into our benefit.


So yes, I do believe that what was done regarding the banking industry was treachorous and treason. I believe people like Senator Dodd and Barney Franks should in fact be enjoy prison walls right now.  And the fact that all this was done in the name of ensuring credit would be available, and yet even with a 800 credit score. I am unable to get credit. 

The banking industry tanked the economy. And they’ve made hundreds of billions of dollars from doing so.  But it is the hard working America which has to shoulder that burden. 

While I do not adhere to the OWS movement’s socialist beliefs. I believe they are correct, as was the Tea Party, that our banking system is criminal in it’s actions.  I believe in capitalism, by which grounds, the banks should have been allowed to collapse.  Instead, we’ve socialized the losses, and capitalized the gains. In my book, that’s facism.

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