Further Erosion of California Gun Rights

Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law Assembly Bill 962. This bill enacts draconian ammunition registration. Requiring vendors and FFLs to keep records on all ammunition sales. It also bans internet and mail order sales. All in the name of safety and stopping crime.

Of course since criminals do not obey the law, they’ll just drive to Nevada and buy their ammo there. Then distribute amongst their friends.  Number of crimes prevented – zero!


Thankfully, the provision that was going to limit ammunition purchases to a mere 50 rounds a month was struct from the bill. As such would have been a de facto ban on sports shooting and self-defense training.  (And something that I believe would have constituted a violation of the Constitutional rights of Americans so grievious as to require civil disobedience.)

However, the definition of ammo is very loose. Including magazines, clips, reloading supplies.

Read the Bill


I have contemplated some way of letting the Governator know that this was just wrong.  Back when the 50 round limit was proposed, I had the idea to ship the governor 51 rounds of ammo (or perhaps just bullets so as to dissaude any argument of having mailed a governor explosives).

Perhaps instead of Tea Bags we should enact a campaign and mail Office of the Governor empty used brass. (Preferbly .22LR brass as anything else you should reload or give to a friend who reloads.)

“Why do actors have to ruin things by being in politics. I loved watching a good ol’ Arnhold film now and then.”

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Know thy enemy….

One of the key components of winning a war, is knowing your enemy. Most of the wars we have lost were wars in which we did NOT know our enemy.

We’re involved in a war, and I do not mean Iraq or Afghanistan. I mean right here in the good ol’ US of A.  We’re in a war for our inherent rights and liberties.  We’re at war for our freedoms of privacy, speech, religion, as well as our inherent right to defend the well-being of our families.

We are attacked on all sides:

  • Privacy has been encroached upon greatly in recent years, be it the Patriot Act or the hidden amendments in the Bailout Bill to let the IRS spy on you. (Yes, that’s in the 400+ pages that President Bush’s 3 page request turned into.)
  • Freedom of Speech, surely this is sacred, right? Not so much. There is talk of renewing the “Fairness Doctrine” for radio. With most print and TV news outlets leaning far to the left with the exception of Fox, the one other bastion of conservative news and editorials is talk radio. This is a market strongly dominated by conservative shows. The Fairness Doctrine would mandate that opposing views be included, even if those shows fail to be profitable.  Oh, and if you thought that was too much. There are others who want to restrain the freedom of political blogging.  Scary…
  • Religion,…it’s demonized in colleges, forbidden in schools, blamed for the world’s problems.  While religion has a messy track record, a quick look at atheist regimes like China and the former Soviet Union show clearly that it holds no monopoly on travesty.
  • 2nd Amendment under siege. This year the anti-2nd Amendment groups lost a major battle.  But the war is far from over. Those groups have honed their tactics, they’ve learned their lessons from the last decade and they’re sharpening their tools.  Many have resorted to guerilla tactics. (Sure, the NRA gets ripped on for having a hired spy inside anti-gun groups.  But those same anti-gunners created an entire organization, the AHSA, for the sole purpose of generating propaganda.  Read the President’s blog at the AHSA. And then find one blog post that doesn’t have either of these words (“Obama”, “NRA”).


Make no mistake, we’re in the midst of an ideological war. And if we’re not careful and diligent we will find ourselves prisoners of that war.  It is very important that we know our enemies.  Pick our battles wisely.  And also realize where the enemy is making an attempt to outflank us.

One such attempt by those who oppose our 2nd Amendment rights is to attack ammo instead of guns.  They’re trying to ban ammo by banning lead.  They’re pressing for micro-stamping and other technologies that are both costly and non-viable.  In the process mandating that ammo that is not serialized be criminalized.

Here is a site that tracks such legislation. Realize, they are the enemy.  Learn from them. Use their tools against them. Watch what’s going on in your state, and well as the states your family and friends live in. Keep informed…


“Knowing is half the battle – acting is the other half!”

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