Rorschach, Gun Lobby vs Bloomberg Lobby, NJ Sucks, 1st & 2nd in 3D

NRA Rorschach Test

Gotta give the NRA store some credit for their most recent email advertisement. I usually just delete. But the whole “NRA Rorschach Test” caught my attention. Cute and fun. Good job NRA, I didn’t buy anything, but I actually stopped to look. 


We need more creativity and wit like if we are going to continue winning this fight.


NJ Boy in picture with AR22.  Result, police and youth services are sent to harass and threaten family. (Who were thankfully smart enough not to let any of them in.)

There is a reason NJ is the armpit of America.

Today’s QOTD per a discussion on 3D printing of firearms:
“1st Amendment + 2nd Amendment = Right to Print Arms”
I love it!!!!
(Derived from this poorly written article that was posted to Slashdot)


Know your enemy….

That super powerful rich monstrous gun lobby the media is always talking about, you know the one.  The one that donated like $10-$15 million to the NRA last year (out of the $225+ million in revenue the NRA generate). 

So should we begin referring to the evil Bloomberg Lobby? A single man who has donated a nearly equivalent amount to anti-gun organizations as all the firearm manufacturers have donated to the NRA over the past few years.

Really, why isn’t the media talking about how so much of this gun debate is fueled by a single man and his millions of dollars in donations versus several million Americans and their donations of a $10-$20 dollars?
More info…
VPC touts blood money, portrays the NRA as funded by the “gun manufactures”, who since 2005 have donated between $15-$40 million.   So lets divide those numbers by 7 years. That’s approx. $2-$5.5 million a year from gun manufacturers.  The NRA revenue was $227 million in 2010 (probably more this year).  So gun manufacturers are contributing a whopping 1%-2% of the NRA’s revenue.

Even anti-gun had to call false on the NRA salaries paid by guns. And as Factcheck shows, the NRA revenue for 2010 was $227 million.

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