For the lovers of the AK

A film about war in Afghanistan. Chock full of AKs.

Oh, here’s the twist….it’s 1987, and details the Afghanista war from the Soviet Union perspective.  Looks quite interesting and well


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What does a fully automatic AK cost?

The Firearm Blog has an interesting article regarding Russia’s gripes on being undersold in AK manufacturing. Good read…

But I latched onto this one quote…

“The Russians stated that the “Arsenal” production was undercutting the gun prices on international tenders citing as example a 2003 tender for the supply of 40,000 sub-machine guns for the Iraqi army for USD 65 each won by Arsenal and lost by the Russian “Kalashnikov” manufacturer.”

Correct me if I am wrong, but did that just state that the price from manufacturer for a brand new fully automatic AK is a mere $65.  (And they’re asking $600 for the semi-auto versions here in the states these days.)

Bulk purchase order anyone?

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