#nraam Rotary Safe Units

What can I say. These are pretty cool looking. I am curious if they in fact allow for my firearms to be stored in a give footprint.

Downside is they won’t fit flush against the wall. Seriously, if ilI had a business is have on of these safes.



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#nraam I can safely say this is the biggest safe I’ve seen


Anything but a Barrett 50BMG just looks small in there.

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Life’s been busy, I do apologize that it is taking me so long to get these posts up.

A beautiful revolver…

A neat gun safe. Not sure if this is really practical space wise. But for those with lots of space who want something a little different. Also could be a nice safe for gun ranges to put their rental guns in, especially if they’d build one with polymer walls.

Crystal guns. Makes for a nice competition trophy or award for those who have expended much effort protecting our 2nd Amendment right.

HK, because a 100,000 rounds wasn’t enough.

LaserLyte’s booth. They have a new laser for the LCP. It clips on the side. The laser button is not activated by grip, rather it’s on the side. It encourages your trigger finger to be safely on your slide.

I bought my wife a rainbow Kershaw, it’s a beautiful knife with an impressive blade. Can cut a piece of paper.  But I was unaware of the fact that they make kitchen knives. I believe I will have to pick up a set of these. 

More knives. 

Metal targets. They had a variety of configurations.

Interesting new holster manufacturer. Really wish I could have gotten one of these to test. I’ve contemplated the use of neoprene in a few holster ideas I’ve had. This was the first holster I’ve seen to use it.  Looked comfortable. My only thoughts on the design is that it only had one clip. I’d love to see a two clip version. Second, they use a fabric to provide a generic retention. I’d like a firmer protective  retention device. One that would remain open for re-insertion into the holster as well.

Regardless, I love innovation and wish these guys luck.

Winchester’s booth.

New Zombie targets. High color, and some of these are even splatter targets. (I wonder if they show the typical flourescent color or blood red?) I wonder if these will be showing up in Walmart soon?

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