Despite headlines we’re safer than ever….

But what do the experts cite as the reason?

“shifts in the crack cocaine market, which drove many 1990s-era murders; an increase in the number of offenders behind bars; the country’s aging population; and more sophisticated policing for the declines”

Pretty much the kitchen sink and everything but the increase in firearm ownership and carry permits. Just saying…

*** also mentioned that the CDC’s report on guns for President Obama is done. Don’t expect the President to mention it much though. The result basically is that there was a ration of of 1:1.6+ ration of gun crimes vs guns used in self-defense.

I am pretty sure to quote ol’ Ben Kenobi “These are not the statistics the President was looking for.”

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A gun that threatens free speech itself!

Japanese researchers have created a gun that threatens freedom of speech. Yes, you heard me….

The device is designed to disrupt an individual’s speech. Kind of fascinating in a whole 1984 Big Brother sort of way.

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Hope for Dr. Hawkins & Big Brother

Can you read my mind? How about now?  Can you read me now?

We are slowly but progressing to a greater understand of how the human mind works. Such knowledge is a tool. And as any tool it will eventually be used for both good and evil. 

I’d wager Dr. Stephen Hawking would be a prime candidate for such technology as it progresses. But imagine how lame the Hawking jokes will be without his broken digital voice.

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Guided bullets hit targets a mile away…

Can we say “Neat”. 

“The bullet is still a prototype, but if it passes further testing conducted by a private firm, the bullet will be accessible to recreational shooters, law enforcement and the military.”

Two thoughts:

a) When can I get my hands on these?

b) How long until there are calls to ban them by the hoplophobes?

Granted I am sure the cost of such units will be probably be prohibitively expensive to the average gun owner.

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