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Security Threat Level: HOT!!!

Complaints regarding TSA screening practices are proving that everyone’s fears and concerns were justified.

Wired Article

Basically, male screeners given the opportunity to view semi-naked women will when provided the means of selection:

a) select a higher number of women

b) select attractive women

c) repeatedly ask said attractive women to go through the scanner due to “blurriness” or other imaginary criteria.

Gee, I recall numerous citizens stating exactly this would occur under the TSA system. In fact, nearly everything predicted about the TSA procedures has manifested itself as true – except perhaps the claim that they would keep us safer.

It was stated in the article that the scanners had been modified to show a reduced detail image that just exposed the outlines.

The question is whether they can degrade the image enough to stop degrading women while keeping the scanners functionally viable. I don’t believe they can (not while using Human agents).

The scanners should be automated. And the pat downs should only be triggered by anomalies detected by the scanning system. Humans shouldn’t even see the images unless an anomaly is detected. Scratch that… the scanners should simply not exist.

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