A Klunker Program We Can Believe In…

I received the following email from Sig Sauer. If you’ve been considering one of the listed firearms. Than now is the time to buy. Best of all, this “stimulus package” does not use tax payer dollars, and furthers the 2nd Amendment by upgrading the weaponry of U.S. citizens.



SIG SAUER – Gives you $200 “CASH For your KLUNKER* Handgun”

Purchase a new SIG SAUER® P220®, P226®, P229®, 1911, SIG556 pistol, or SIG556 rifle from your dealer’s inventory from September 7th through November 30th, 2009, and SIG SAUER will give you $200.00 for your old KLUNKER* pistol or revolver.

To receive your $200.00 payment, simply send your old KLUNKER* with a copy of your form 4473 and proof of purchase of your new Classic pistol (no later than Friday, December 4, 2009) to:

SIG SAUER, Inc., 18 Industrial Drive, Exeter, NH 03833, ATTN: CK-1

*KLUNKER refers to a handgun from any manufacturer that you wish to trade in for the $200.00 payment. Gun must be operational and free from cracks in frame or other key components. KLUNKER must be a semi-auto pistol 9mm or larger, or revolver of .38 caliber or larger. SIG SAUER reserves the right to reject any firearm submitted as a KLUNKER that does not meet our criteria. Rejected firearms will be returned to sender. Please allow six (6) to eight (8) weeks for delivery of your check. This offer cannot be combined with any other program or offer.

Klunkers will not be accepted for payment after Friday, December 4, 2009. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All transactions subject to federal, state and local firearms regulations.

Click HERE for more information.


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9mm Sig P226 Navy with night sites.


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Recalls…stop raggin’ on Ruger!

Lately, something has been getting my goat. It’s the ragging on Ruger for their two recalls.  I was listening to a podcast (The Urban Shooter over at Gun Rights Radio Network) when a caller basically stated that they were thinking of getting an SR-556 but then decided to wait for the second version due to Ruger’s recalls.

What irks me, is that Ruger has done the right thing. They have been very pro-active with regards to their recalls; both of which only affected a limited number of early firearms. And few, if any, havereplicated the recall situation for the SR9.  The pre-recall versions of the SR9 probably exceed the drop safety on a lot of firearms out there.

For some reason, the gun community has locked onto ragging on Ruger for their recalls. The only reason I can think is because Ruger has been very up front and open with their recalls. Putting it in huge print on their website, buying adds, etc.

But many other firearm makers have had recalls. And a few companies probably should have had recalls.  Smith & Wesson has had a number of recalls. And I’ve seen numerous posts of Walther P22’s with cracked slides.  Why does the firearm community not rag on S&W in like manner?

Maybe Ruger should have done what Sig Sauer did.  Bury it on their website. No alert even visible on their homepage. And then call it a free upgrade.  And please tell me which is worse?

A case where if a dropped firearm hits just right, at the perfect angle with just enough force it might accidentally discharge? Or the possibility that simply engaging and disengaging the safety could cause and unintential discharge?

Under certain conditions, it may be possible for the lever not to be completely engaged in the safe position. In this condition, the gun will not fire when the trigger is pulled. However, when the safety lever is moved to the off position, the hammer may fall, with the remote possibility that the gun could fire unintentionally, thus creating a risk of injury or death.”

I know what my view is. The first will be avoided by good handling of a firearm. The second will not, and is therefore a thousand times more dangerous. I think the gun community should put pressure on SigSauer to make their recall notice a little more front and center.

Anyways, the following post is to alert you to a few recent recalls:

Be safe…and don’t rag on a company for being pro-active.

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