$1 million Prizes to Make Guns Safer

Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, founded by a number of entrepeneurs is planning to give awards for innovations that makes guns safer.

Ya, sounds pretty much gun control fare, and the article states most entries are biometric.  That said, nothing prevents us pro-gun folks from submitting.

  • Anyone have any ideas for an automatic squib round detector?
  • Or idiot detector has detected idiot not following the 3/4 rules.

They did say the initiative “In no way do our efforts challenge the right to bear arms” focusing on safety rather than gun control. That said, always skeptical of such claims.

That said, clicking on the applications only seems to collect “user information”, with no place to submit proposal. And frankly, I see no reason to collect date of birth. If you want to verify an age, just ask for year of birth, that’s wholly sufficient.  Frankly, the website is piss-poor, especially for one claiming venture capitalist funding – I could throw up better in a couple of hours. I’ll laugh if CNN got taken by a SCAM contact harvesting group…

But it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s just gross incompetence common in the gun control group world.


As for innovations, smart technology, etc. I am fine with it…even mandating it for new guns.  Just require every police officer to utilize such, and I’ll accept it. Cause if it’s good enough for the line of duty, then it’s good enough for me. And if it’s not good enough for the line of duty, it surely is not good enough to keep my precious family safe.


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