Snake Season

Florida is suffering a huge loss of wildlife, particularly mammals, from the invasive pythons that have made Florida swamps their home. Up to 99% of some species have been eliminated from the area.

Solution? Snake season. It’s something many individuals have pointed to as a solution for certain invasive species.

However, opening a hunting season might not be enough on it’s own. How many snake hunters are there? We do not have a huge tradition in this country of men taking their sons out to stalk that huge snake buck.

I’d propose some incentives:

  1. A bounty stamp
    $5 = < 5′ $10 = 5′- 10′ $20 = 11′ – 15′ $50 = 15′ – 20′ $250 = > 20′
  2.  Any bounty stamped snake skin can be used in garments and luxury items and sold tax free within the state. Suddenly, watches will use bounty skin just to be sold tax free.

Demand for the skin will increase. And eventually the problem will disappear due to economics.

Articles on the matter:

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