President Elect Barack Hussein Obama

By now, everyone is probably aware that Senator Obama has been elected to become our next commander in chief.

In many ways, this is a testimony of how far America has come. Particularly in regards to two areas. Firstly, race…four decades ago America was a segregated society. People of color were still struggling to gain their freedom and liberty a 100 yrs after the abolishment of slavery. Few imagined that forty years later America would elect its first black President.

Frankly, I believe it could have happened years ago with the right candidate.   Some see this as a testimony of America becoming more color-blind. Sadly, I am not sure I can accept that statement. I think race is much more a non-issue to the white, hispanic and asian communities. However, I know of very few people of color who did not vote for Obama. (Clarification Edit: I believe there is valid reasons to this. And I hope that Obama’s success will show everyone what they can accomplish regardless of skin color , religion or heritage. Remember, it took almost 200 yrs before the first Catholic president was elected.) I look forward to the day that we elect a person of color to office and half the black community will have voted for and the other half against, likewise all the other communities.  Then, I will be over-joyed because America will then be truly colorblind. I believe that day will come, and this election marked a notch in the progress toward that day.

There is a second area in which this election reflects upon. How far America has traveled down the road socialism.  Many people have been accused of not voting for Obama because of race. I think far more were opposed to Obama’s mix of socialism and elitism. The attitude that a) I know better than you do and b) I am going to take your hard work away and give it to someone else, who’s not working.

It’s this latter which is of most significant concern to us gun owners and to the beloved 2nd Amendment protection.  Obama’s viewpoint leads him to believe that the rights of individuals mean less than the whole, that it is acceptable to infringe on the individual in the name of such causes.  Rather, than realize that they way you protect the rights of the “whole” is by ensuring the rights of each and every individual.

To that regard, I hope and pray that President Obama will not pursue some of the more totalitarian agenda he has supported in his political career’s past.

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