Ruger SR-2011 … ???

Ruger has another announcement splash page. No word yet, so I guess we await later this morning.

I think I’m putting my money on a Ruger 2011. Perhaps a polymer framed 1911 even. Next bet would be an SR-45 but that does not seem to me revolutionary or “must buy”.

Now where Ruger could really take the cake is releasing the Ruger SR-2011 polymer 1911 platform. And releasing it in 9mm, 40S&W in addition to 45ACP.

Many will point to a gap in the .45ACP line for Ruger. I have a P-345, but many are looking for a striker fired DAO (double-action only) polymer gun.

But I’d wager if Ruger dropped the P-345 for a polymer based 1911 few would be disappointed. I do want to state that I very much like my P-345. I think it has one of the most comfortable grips. Guess we’ll find out in a dew hours.

UPDATE:  Interesting to note that the email campaign has “R20”, which would seem to fit quite well with my prediction of an “SR-2011”…

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