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Dear St. Louis,

Thank you for hosting us and providing us a place to enjoy ourselves.

To all my readers, you’re why I blog, thank you for all the likes, shares and followings. I hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage.

This concludes our coverage of the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting.

The N.U.G.U.N. Blog

NRA Annual Meetings 2012 in St. Louis

Tickets are purchased!

The N.U.G.U.N. Blog will once again be covering the event. This year we are hoping to two something slightly different. I will be attending with two of my nephews who are fond of history and in recent years we have introduced to firearms.

They will be covering the event with me, and answering their own questions regarding firearms, gun control, and the NRA.

If any of our readers have an HD camcorder that records to hard drive (or large format memory card) that we can borrow, please contact me via email. Thank you!

Be Kind, But Be Wise!

This past week I had the pleasure of traveling to St. Louis, Missouri for the 24th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference.  I had a lot of fun, both at the conference and in St. Louis visiting extended family.

However, I wanted to share about an experience I had while driving to St. Louis. We were driving through Indiana, and passed three hitch-hikers on the road.  They stood out a bit more than usual. They looked a bit ragged.  And they were not on a part of the highway I would have expected a hitchhiker to stand. Normally, when I see someone hitching for a ride they are either at the entrance of the highway or they are walking (usually from a broken vehicle).  These three were just sitting.  This resulted in a conversation with my wife about the topic of hitchhikers.

Only on rare occasions have I picked up a hitchhiker.  In fact I’ve only done it three times in my life. Once for a man walking with his daughter on his shoulders when it began to rain.  Once for a guy with a guitar,  long hair, typical rock/hippie.  And once on the way to a Christian music festival, for which the guy was hitching his way too.

Most will say NEVER pick up a hitchhiker. Truthfully, that’s the safest bet.  Many a person has lost property and life at the hands of a seemingly innocuous hitchhiker.  There is really no way to tell the difference between a hitchiker and a murderous rapist.  As such, I will always advise an individual NOT to pick up a hitchhiker. Especially, women…

But I also know that I’ve hitched a ride a few times in my life. Both as an adult and as a child with my father.  People do it.  Even people who are against hitchhiking seldom turn down a ride offered to the next exit when their car has broken down on the side of the highway.

But why do I bring this up?  What made this even so interesting?

We had not driven more than 10-20 minutes when we came across a police cruiser. Than another, and another.  All in all, there were over 18 police vehicles spread out with officers searching the area along the highway in what was clearly a manhunt exercise.

A quick search on my iPhone’s Google Maps app turned up a correctional facility a mere 6 miles from the highway we were on. Googling the facility turned up an article about three inmates escaping back in March.  I then proceeded to download an application for the iPhone that allows a user to listen to live streams of police scanners.  I think by the time we downloaded the app, found the right county and channel, things were mostly over. We didn’t hear much, but my wife thought she heard “10-15″.  We looked up the meaning of the code – Prisoner in Custody”.

I do not know if what we witness was an actual event or merely a training exercise being conducted in light of the escape of prisoners back in March.  What I do know is that it really hit home on the conversation my wife and I were having regarding the risks of picking up hitchhikers.  Not that we considered picking up those guys, even if we wanted to we couldn’t, our vehicle has no room for passengers.  That “hitchhiker” might have just escaped from the prison down the street.

“Be wise, Be Safe! – Don’t Be Stupid!”

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Gun Rights Policy Conference: Day 2 (St. Louis, MO)

Sunday Updates:

  • Peggy Tartaro (Women & Guns mag), calling to order.
  • Panel discussion on “Labor Unions” and the 2nd Amendment. Feat. NRA board members Jim Church (UAW) & John Cushman (Teamsters).
  • Panel on “Countering media bias against guns” First up – Malia Zimmerman, editor for Hawaii Reporter.
  • Talking about Hawaii’s lack of access to firearms for personal protection. Media’s failure to investigate authenticity of statements.
  • Whole world of new media. Their paper is online. More and more are turning to the Internet. Leaving the old dead tree media.
  • Chuck Heller(Liberty Watch Radio/America Armed & Free). If you see something wrong stated in the media. Challenge it! Provide source.
  • Develop a relationship with one reporter you get along with. Keep it short, under a page. If it’s longer it doesn’t get read.
  • Dave Workman, (New Gun Week), if your commenting on an article to a reporter – be rational, be civil.
  • Response to “How do you feel about background checks?” How would you feel if you had to submit your article for review to the governor.
  • Ran out for a cup of coffee and missed Don Irvine. Sorry bro.
  • Chris Knox gives shout out to Appleseed Project. Calls it “Purpose Driven Riflery”. Talking about border issues in Phoenix.
  • David Kopel(Independence Institute), we are in an international battle of gun rights.
  • Mexico one of four nations with a right to bear arms clause. But strict gun control has severely limited that right. Hasn’t worked!
  • Drug & alcohol prohibitions lead to a level of firearm violence related to the illicit practices. This leads to gun restrictions.
  • Commentary: “I do believe this is a valid point. Most non-domestic firearm crime is drug prohibition related.” – NUGUN
  • Drug dealers are NOT getting their grenades and machine guns at gun shows. Kopel lauded NRA for their investigative work on this issue.
  • Joe Waldron(CCRKBA) “Gun control is the 3rd rail of the Democrat policy.” Rural Dems are a deciding factor preserving 2A right now.
  • As in many areas the Democrats control 2/3 of the legislative bodies. Rural & blue dog Democrats are giving us the added votes we need
  • Open-carry panel. Phil Van Cleave(VA Cit. Def League) on history of open-carry in VA. No CCW in restaurants. Alt. was to open carry
  • John Pierce founder of OpenCarry.org discussing open carry, in particular the recent town hall events.
  • Quoted press secretary “The presence of the President does not negate Arizona citizen’s rights.”
  • You have to weigh the benefits with Open-Carry. The man with the AR brought much attention.
  • Mention of the NRA Show being extensively covered by blogs. New media
  • What about the planned 2nd Amendment March. The Million Mom March had mere thousands but was catchy and created a perception.
  • Think about your visuals. The anti-gun crowd has been good with visuals. Staged memorials, etc. The Hallmark approach to news.
  • Last few statements are by Professor Brian Anse Patrick (Univ. Toledo).
  • Women with guns or speaking about guns is more interesting than a man in the wyes of the news.
  • Consider the costa and benefits of OC. Even if we get beat up in the media, it can motivate our community to action.
  • Idea: Guns Against Illegal Mayors (G.A.I.M.)
  • VA Citz. Def. League speaking on reciprocity issue with gun free zones. The need to focus local/state grassroots level.
  • Rev. Anthony Winfield “Keeping your family safe”: Having a plan. Being observant. Not doing stupid things (ie: picking up b/f @2am)
  • Home safety is something you have to plan. Talk with your family.
  • Author of “Self-defense and the Bible”. http://tinyurl.com/ybve92s
  • Timothy Wheeler (Doctors for Resposible Gon Ownership) & John Wipfler (MD) authors of “Keeping Your Family Safe”
  • Funny quotes: “You know exactly where to shoot them Doc” “I’ll tell the judge his birth certificate was revoked.
  • Need for children to be taught about firearm safety even if there are no guns in the house.
  • If you are stabbed or shot. There is nothing you can do in 30 seconds to help. Focus on determining and eliminating threats.
  • If shot put a tourniquet on. Tourniquets are not bad. They are good. They save lives. You should have them for all your family members.
  • Make call to the emergency room while in transit so they are prepared for the situation. 2 min heads up improves response.
  • Discussion of proposed resolutions for GRPC by-laws.
  • Mod. of older resolution “to defend all classes of firearms.” Proposal to change to “arms” in light of recent attacks on knife rights.
  • Adopting motion to support policies for CC on college campuses. Resolution to oppose international treaties that restrict 2A rights.
  • Proposal for notification/60 day comment period for regulatatory actions. Some debate on the floor over wording and clarity.
  • Revised version passed.
  • Proposal to seek repeal of switchblade ban and oppose all restrictions on tools and weapons.
  • 1. Issue of why do we need permit. 2. Concern about it affecting push for shall issue in states with very restrictive ccw policies.
  • On-going discussion on mandatory training. Having experienced this while in CT. I oppose it but see the other side of the coin.
  • However, I am not sure we should focus on this issue at this time. Rather, push for speedy access to permits for those under threat.
  • Debate continues. Vote has now been called for. To divided for yeah/neah. A standing counted vote has been enacted. Vote is a YES!
  • Resolution commmittee session concludes. Final announcements. Next year in San Francisco. So ends the N.U.G.U.N. blog’s coverage.
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