#Starbucks2A – “buycott” coverage

L.A. Times has an article with some coverage (finally) of our “buycott” response

H/T to Sebastian for the link, he also tries to clear up, just where this whole ‘buycott’ originated, and settle the score regarding it’s success – the “Internets”.

We did amazingly well. We had 25,000 people on the Facebook page. We sent a clear message of support to Starbucks. I mean, let’s be honest, last night the Starbucks’ Facebook page qualified as the most active Gun Blog on the Internet.

But it’s still an uphill fight…

The L.A. Times quotes Fineman saying “Because there’s no way that the current forces on our side can combat the NRA. They’re just too big. They have an enormous amount of money and people, and they throw their weight around in a pretty big fashion”

I know we’re all so tired of hearing this….

In every single anti-gun news article, this soundbite is made – “The NRA…they’re just too big”. The truth is, the NRA pretty much had zero involvement in this movement. Cam and company covered. But there was no NRA strategist planning, no NRA funding, if there was NRA involvement it was simply that they drove to the nearby Fairfax Starbucks and ordered a Latte.

Why is this so annoying? Because it’s a dismissal of the fact that our community is just that, a community. That we’re a grass roots organization that raises itself up. Rather than a bunch of small anti-gun organizations funded by a few rich political activists; and constantly being re-birthed as new names as soon as the money runs out.

So let’s talk about what is really “just too big”. The fact that there was a fair amount of mainstream media covering the boycott. But very little coverage before or even after of the much larger “buycott”. 25,000 supporters….a swamped Facebook page. And nearly zero coverage outside of the blogosphere.  We still have to work 10x, 100x, even 1000x harder than they do to get 1/4 of the coverage.  Hopefully, we’ll see that change over the next 5-10 years.

But there lies the power of the internet. The mainstream media turned a blind eye, but the message still went out. The call was heard. And the coffee streamed….

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2nd (Amendment) Trip to Starbuck’s

So I still had a few $2 bills burning in my pocket and decided I’d make a second trip to Starbuck’s. After both the wife and each took a trip to Starbuck’s this morning. It was late. Bedtime was near. So I went with something decaffeinated (passion fruit / lemonade ice tea).

All in all we spend around $20 and I left $6 in tips for the worker’s themselves.



On a concerned note, I’ve seen a number of Starbucks photos with coffee and guns. Please let those have been taken on your own counter tops at home.  We don’t want to be whipping our pistols out in public. Pistols should be kept holstered in public unless needed. Just a friendly reminder. Especially for those newer to the gun world who might not yet be aware of pistol etiquette.

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Let’s show some love on Valentine’s Day for Starbuck’s Coffee

UPDATE: Apparently there is a move to encouraging paying with $2 bills (for 2nd Amendment – which as Jack Spirko points out, features the signing of the Declaration of Independence.)

A couple of years ago anti-gun groups put pressure on Starbucks to become “gun free zones”.  Starbucks stated that they would simply adhere to the given laws of the states their stores reside in.

In response, anti-gun groups proposed a boycott of Starbucks, which they are continuing in this year.  Gun owners responded with an anti-boycott, and encouraged each other to go purchase a beverage at Starbucks. (If not a coffee drinker, it’s been suggested by some bloggers to buy some coffee for the troops.) 

Please consider participating & showing support for a company which did not cave to the extremism and fear mongering of the anti-gun groups. 

More info here…


 PS – Drink recommendation Espresso con panna NUGUN style. Small cup of whip cream with 1-2 shots of espresso. Shake….