Dangers of a Paranoid Society

An elderly man is apprehended by a squad of police for a second time…his crime “kidnapping (babysitting) his grand-daughter of a different melanin count.


The entire approach of this action was wrong. Having the first officer make a determination was reasonably acceptable if an actual call had been reported, but also very invasive. But if she felt there was a concern, a single cruiser should have joined her and the 2-3 officers could have inquired further. Then when he gave them the parents number, the very first thing they should have done was call the number to verify he was the grandfather – instead of using 9 police cruisers to surround him.

To quote the grandfather “”Seize first and ask questions later” is better than “shoot first,” I suppose, but it’s problematic for the same reasons.”

And this is the problem, we’re living in a society where gestapo police will cut through your door with a chainsaw, before they confirm they have the right address. How do you do a 2 year investigation and barge into the wrong house? (Furthermore, why use the chainsaw to cut a hole in the door. A sledgehammer is a better tool. But if you’re going to use a chainsaw, just cut the door around the lock. Are our FBI really that !@#$% stupid? Yes, sadly they are.

Dear police,

Mistakes happen. Please apologize when they do. It’s the difference between thinking you human vs inhuman.

Congratulations you idiots. You just made a 4 year old forever afraid of you.

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Seriously, it’s called an A-D-D-R-E-S-S

FBI cuts through door of a home with a change saw. Lays mother prone on the floor with a gun pointed at her, as her 3 year old cries in the background.

Her crime?  Wrong address!!!

Seriously, how many times do we need to read this before changes are enacted.  If you can’t read an address or know what house you are busting into, than frankly, I sure as hell don’t want you to have a rifle and SWAT gear.


I hereby propose a new law. All S.W.A.T. raids must now field a representative from the local post office to instruct and guide the S.W.A.T. unit in identifying and recognizing distinguing marks and numerals which aid in the identification of specific housing units.

Thankfully there were no negligent discharages on the part of officers this time.  Less an innocent woman would likely be dead and a 3 year old girl motherless.



Why I won’t be watching Top Shot Season 3

UPDATE: I’ve been informed Hulu has all episodes until October.