New study concludes….

Claim: “Study links gun laws and lower gun mortality”

But data states “The absolute difference in the suicide rates was 6.25 deaths per 100,000; in the homicide rates it was 0.40 deaths per 100,000.”

So if I am understanding this, all those gun laws result in a mere .4 (less than 1/2 a person) difference in homicide rates per capita.  What it does do is significantly reduce the suicide rate by firearm.  Which makes sense, if a law abiding citizen who no longer desires to live their life is unable to acquire a firearm to commit suicide with, then they must pursue another means of suicide. I’d be curious to know if the suicide rates per capita differ at all?  And let me also put forth that suicide by firearm is usually quick, and safe to others. Where as suicide by hanging, can fail and be slow and painful, suicide by vehicle can cause harm and injury to others nearby. There is a reason a firearm is often used, it’s quick, fairly assured when done right.

What I never understood about liberals, is that they stand their exclaiming a right to do what one wills with their own body. Even if there may be questions of harming another’s body.  But when it comes to ending your own body’s life, they seem to vehemently oppose one’s right to do what they will with their body. Heck, and now they even oppose large cokes and Oreo cookies.

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Trying to understand liberal thinking…

A question for liberals…

Why is choosing what to do with one’s own body, right when a liberal is referring to abortion but wrong when referring to suicide?
[Which actually is scientifically proven NOT to be a part of one’s body, but in fact contains a DNA code distinct from both the mother and father.]

When it comes to the gun issue, choosing what to do with one’s own body is wrong within the liberal paradigm. They always include in their anti-gun statistics suicide deaths using a firearm. Often lumping these figures in with violent acts done by criminals in order to inflate their numbers. I do not understand the duality of the view here. In one case the Left claims the right to whatever they please with their body, even to kill. And in the other case the Left exclaims the evil of doing so?


I want to state clearly that I am adamantly against suicide. I lost a beloved uncle to suicide. The means was a rifle. I do not blame the rifle. I blame my uncle for making the wrong decision. If I were to point to an external influence than I would not point to the 22 caliber bullet. If any external factors in his death were to be blamed it would have to be the drugs he had become addicted to. Suicide is a plague, but it is not caused by firearms – it is caused by the depravity and emptiness within the soul.

I also want to exclaim, that if you are struggling with giving in to suicide. Please don’t. Seek help! Realize the hole it rips in the fabrics of other’s lives. And even if you think there is absolutely no one that would care. You are only seeing within the moment. No one knows their future – not even you. I have seen lives change amazingly within just a year’s time. I’ve seen people who are lonely, lost, hurt, find love, happiness, and wonder. I myself have experienced both ends of the spectrum. Had I given up during some of those very down years I would not be in the place that I am today. I have a wonderful wife. I have a beautiful darling daughter. I’ve experienced the amazing wonder of having my infant daughter sleep atop my chest – it’s one of those moments in which the world seems to make sense. And had I given up and succumbed to the self pity and chosen the selfish way out…I’d have missed all of the beauty which has since entered my life.

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