REVIEW: Rayovac 1 watt Vatio Flashlight

This is a tactical style flashlight on the lower side of the power scale.  I needed a bedroom flashlight. I had spyed this at Walmart on sale for $18.99. Debated buying it but never did.  I later saw it on clearance for $10 and picked it up.

The unit has a 1 watt LED rated at 40 lumens. However, I have heard other reviewers state that the 40 lumen value is at the LED and not the filter, which is closer to 30 lumens. The casing is machined aluminum. The model I picked up came in a greenish/tan camo paint coating.  The unit is durable and well constructed.  Battery life seems good. While the unit has received only occasional usage, it is still on the first set of batteries from several months ago.

Rayovac also provides a lanyard connector and a small thin lanyard. Though I am not sure I’d trust the lanyard to any strenuous activity.

But is it a cheap alternative to the more expensive tactical lights.  I’d probably say no. First, I’d really like something a fair bit brighter. Second, the on off switch is rather hard to depress. If I hold the flashlight gripped tight my thumb does not have enough leverage to depress the power button. The issue might be more with the elevation of the button rather than the firmness. It’s hard to tell.  If I hold the flashlight higher up in the fingers of my hand than I am more easily able to depress the button.

Example 1: Strong Grip

In the strong grip it can be difficult to activate the flashlight unit.

Example 2: Loose Grip

It is easier to active in a looser grip where the flashlight unit is held higher up in the fingers. However, I express concern, due to the fact that under stress one loses their tactile dexterity.  Having a difficult button to activate under such conditions can pose a problem.

Overall Rating: C+

This is not up there with the high end tactical flashlights. But for an individual on a tight budget; at $10-$20 this light provides a good placeholder until one can upgrade to a more professional light. The strong body, rough grips, and grooves also allows the Rayovac Vatio to be used as a kubatan.

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The Tactical Camera

More here…

Xavier should appreciate this post!

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Help me decide which to buy?

I have to order this within the next week or so…but I am not sure which to use. I am leaning toward ATI because a) it’s cheaper and b) it’s the one Ruger decided to go with as well.



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Ruger announces the LCR & Tactical configuration of Mini-14

See here for more details on the LCR


The Ruger LCR is a lightweight revolver chambered in .38SPL+P. What sets it apart from similar rivals is that while the main frame is aluminum the fire control housing is polymer. The stainless steel cylinder has also been fluted to reduce weight.  It’s available with Hogue or Crimson Trace grips with an MSRP of  $525 and $792 respectively. (Frankly, I’d love to have this in .327 Magnum.)

Tactical configuration of the Mini14. Some said we’d never see such from Ruger.  MSRP $872.00

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