IRS on Conservative vs Progressive groups

Was it fair and balanced? What does the audit show? 

  • 262 conservative groups targeted
  • 6 progressive (out of 20)
  • 100% of Tea Party groups
  • 30% of progressive groups.

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“Signs of Freedom”

Recently, two photos I took in Washington D.C. at the 9-12 Tea Party were published in a book.

Signs of Freedom: The American Tea Party Message published by Crowded Corner Press.  The photo book presents the events of the 9-12 Tea Party. For anyone who wasn’t there and wants to capture the feel – this is a great visual.

My photos appear on pages 14 & 15.

More photos from the 9-12 Tea Party can be found in this prior post.

DISCLAIMER: I do not make any profit on the sale of these books.  But I do profit from the spread of the message of Liberty.

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9-12 in Washington D.C.

Today I was in Washington D.C. at the Capitol building. I, my family and a few hundred thousand other Americans were gathered to express our displeasure with the direction our nation has been headed.

Below is a gallery of photos I took.  Media may have describe the Tea Party protest as a couple of thousand gatherers. But as you can see in the photo below, that was just the number waiting in line at the port-a-pottys.


Article in the York Daily Record on the Tea Party (practically an interview with mwah)

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Tea Party Harrisburg, PA



Photos courtesy of Lindsey Proctor


I just really liked the irony in the mesage carved in stone versus the tendency of our government.  And I felt like the Tea Party was all about showing government the truth, and demanding truth from our government. There was a young lady passing by with a camera. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking a photo of me by the pillar with my Glenn Beck inspired pitchfork.

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Cashews being joined by raisins

There is a fervency brewing…

It’s not just gun nuts getting on edge. This is on a stock exchange floor…listen to the guy. More so, listen to the people around him.

There is growing disenfranchisement and disillusionment.  All while our government plots a course of bankruptcy. (Enough so that Rick Santelli’s mere rant is spawning a movement… CLICK HERE.)

Does this mean we should throw our arms up in the air and run around crying “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”?  Absolutely …not!!!! But it does mean we should be prudent and ensure that we are prepared.  I’m not saying relocate to the hidden bunker in the mountains. Rather, make sure you’ve got more than a mere 3-days food on your shelves.  Our former President asked all Americans to help prepare by keeping a few days worth of food, water, etc. If more people heeded such admonition, events like Katrina would have gone much smoother.

As individual Americans, one of the most patriotic things we can do is simply “Be Prepared!” (okay, how many just raised their three fingers in the Scout salute?).


So perhaps I should share about some of the preparations I am taking:

– We’ve got a shelf in the basement.  I’ve just made sure over the past year that it’s well stocked with canned and dry goods.   This isn’t stuff to hoard for 20 years. We eat the stuff too. But when there is one of those sales on Progresso soups 10 for $10.  We stock up…

– Water, I picked up a couple of those 4 gallon water jugs from Costco.  There are a lot of wells in our area. So I wager water won’t be a significant long term issue in our area.  But it’s good to have at least a few gallons on hand.

– Guns & ammo, I am sure most of my readers naturally endeavor to stock up (buy) guns.  But how are you stocked for ammo?  How many of us have maybe one or two boxes of Walmart white box Winchester for our reserve? Is that enough? You’ll have to determine what is a good on-hand amount.  But I know many advocates say you want a 1,000 rounds of all commonly used ammunition. And others advocate several times that. And while I’d love to have such personal stores, finances do not allow for such a dream.

Can I make a personal suggestion?  .22LR is about $14 for a box of 550. With the purchase of just a few boxes you can have a reserve of .22LR  ammo.

– Candles, Batteries (be they alkaline rechargeables).  AM/FM radio.  Things for when you don’t have power. Global Warming aside, the past year or so has seen some pretty intense winter ice storms.  Some people find themselves without power for weeks.  I am a big advocate for dynamo crank devices (ie: those cheap LED flashlights and radios powered by the little crank handles).

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