Sad Humor Onion Style…

New website to combat gun registration…

That’s right, the mygunswerestolenexchange helps put you in contact with someone who will steal your guns, in exchange for letting you steal their guns.  You can specify all or a select subset of your guns.

And then, that’s right. You can report them all stolen to your local police department. While you might no longer have your faithful and trusty firearms. You’ll be equipped with someone else’s faithful and trusty firearms.

Site allows you to find people with the same make and model, so only the serial numbers need be different between your old gun and your new.

Trade, er I mean, steal and let be stolen, before the gun registration goes into affect!


This is a satirical post, said above site does NOT exist (yet).

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Some humor from the Onion on Obama & his guns…

Oh what I’d give for this to be true….LOL,30638/

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