Is this what we want?

Not much details on info. But individual flying to Australia has all electronic devices seized without explanation.

Suspicions? He had just attend a conference on surveillance. Apparently, that is enough to confiscate your belongings. Why this is frightful?  It’s a clear statement that Australians have no right and privilege to thought, speech or expression.

It is why the 1st Amendment in America is sacred, and the 2nd equally so, because it is that which protects the first.  We need to be vigilant lest we find ourselves attending symposiums on the 2nd Amendment, and immediately find ourselves detained for our views.

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I seem to have lost a pallet of AR15s

Shipping warehouse apparently loses an entire pallet of AR15’s (63 rifles) being shipped from Colt in Connecticut.  The sheriff’s list the value of the rifles at $800 each.

OKAY, anyone else know where I can get a Colt AR rifle for a mere $800?

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