Why should you care if you’re not doing anything wrong (police state)

So you walk into a store, buy a case of water. Walk out and suddenly men with guns surround you and your car? What do you do…you try to flee, driving off, grazing two of the perpetrators.

Except, they’re not thugs, rapists, their you’re very own paid terrorists – plain clothed police officers.  Who thought they were busting an illegal underage purchaser of alcohol. Which totally requires 6 officers and the drawing of guns. Because “keeping our kids safe from alcohol, even if we have to blow their brains out, is worth it”.

Oh, and of course they arrested her and tried to charge her with two counts of assaulting law enforcement officers with up to a 5 year prison sentence.  The charges were dropped. But I believe each of these officers should be fired.


Frankly, I am sick of plain clothed officers.  We are having way way too many incidents in which plain clothes officers appear like thugs. And then act like thugs.  It’s GOT TO STOP!!!

And what friggin moron thought it was okay to put a gun to a 20 year old girl’s head. Even if it was beer. Seriously?  The whole point of drinking laws are to keep our children safe. Not have guns pointed at their heads.

IF YOU’RE NOT IN UNIFORM, then don’t expect me to treat you like a uniformed officer. Especially, if you’re not acting like one.

Pleain clothed officers should be reserved for specific undercover work. And there should always be uniformed officers to approach first whenever possible.

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