Shoot first, question later…. Cops kill 13 year old.

Officers see a 13 year old boy with a replica AK47.  Their response? Immediately shoot and kill the youth. No asking questions, nothing. Just shoot first.

We often hear that only “military and police” should be allowed to possess firearms.  Yet, over 1/2 the incidents I’ve read in the news recently featuring gun tragedies have involved a law enforcement officer. 

We need to abandon this reckless police culture of “shoot first”, “gestapo SWAT raids”, etc. Or eventually the citizenry will start to view the police as merely thugs. Especially, when most of your time is spent giving out frivolous traffic tickets  while our calls to 911 go without any response.

There is only one reason for police.  And that is to have a force who is trained to judiciously use force so that it only needs to be applied as a last resort. Any bozo citizen could walk around and blindly shoot anyone who looked like a threat. Police officers are supposed to be trained so that they don’t go in guns blazing. And if they’re not being trained that way, there is no purpose for them.

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Our Prays go out to Boston

There is a lot we don’t know.  What we do know is around 50 injured and a handful have been killed. Two bombs were detonated and a third was found and disposed.

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Tragedy, clearly we have to ban law enforcement from possessing guns…

First off, this is tragic, a 4 year old acquires a loaded firearm and kills a woman. This 4 year old is now scarred for life because of a stupid adult.   Meanwhile a family mourns…

But please note, this was a law enforcement officer. One who likely became to comfortable with his guns, and carelessly forgot that even if you follow the 3/4 rules. You need to follow another rule. Don’t let anyone possess your firearm who is not trained in the rules.

You NEVER NEVER leave a loaded gun lying around.  If you have to show and display your firearms.  Then you ensure each and every one is unloaded.  And ammo is removed from the area. The ONLY time a firearm should be loaded is when it is READY TO USE

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The Manifesto

Usually, I don’t bother with reading the manifestos of shooters. They’re usually incomprehensible rants and have no real points.  Mr. Dorner was a soldier and a police officer. And I’ve been a bit curious about his. I’ve finally found a link and read it. And while Mr. Dorner does fly off the handle a fair number of times. I am disturbed by his account of his LAPD experience. 

I am not sure if many have read Dorner’s manifesto.  It’s fairly sad. I believe his actions were wrong, especially in misappropriation of collateral targets.

I am concerned that evidence may come out that will show that a lot of Mr. Dorner’s comments on his specific case are true. He does outline a fair amount of crap regarding his termination, which if is shown to be partly true scares me. And I am worried that such would lead to a sequel of the 1990’s LA Riots.  But on a far greater scale. In which case, shame on the LAPD if you’re letting such a culture potentially be a kindling point. I disagree with a lot of Mr. Dorner’s views. But I am concerned about matches that can set off social powder kegs.

And Mrs. Feinstein, why does ANYONE need such “weapons”.  Perhaps because of stupid actions by government agencies like LAPD.  Just saying…

If videos are subpeonaed, if it does come out that said victim had stated he had been kicked. That said officer had a history of abuse.  And that he truly was terminated for being a whistle blower. What do folks think will be the response from folks.  If LA was torn apart by Rodney King…how much more so an LA torn apart after a black officer is shown to have been dismissed for being a whistle blower.

I don’t know why a man’s heart snaps as Dorner’s did. Why a man would give up the chance to be the “best man” at his best friend’s wedding. Or life in general…but I’ll be honest.  I think at this point, the Los Angeles Police Department needs to do a top-down self-evaluation. Do it on the lowkey.  But I wager, Dorner is not wrong about there needing to be very significant changes in the operations of the LAPD.

“If you recognize my vehicle, and confirm it is my vehicle thru a dmv/want warrant check.” – Dorner

Well, they didn’t even do that basic procedure. 


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More thoughts…and ramblings

The following is just a summary of articles and associated thoughts in a stream of consciousness fashion. Apologies for it’s disorganization:

Firstly, here is an article regarding “What really makes schools safer?”

The article states that Sandy Hook had a security system, sign-in, doors were locked at 9:30am, they did lockdown drills. None of this made Sandy Hook safe.

“these incidents is they’re over so fast, a law enforcement response almost never accomplishes anything”

Agreed, there is NO WAY for law enforcement to respond in time.

Truthfully, I feel that we do not have a comprehensive plan of safety for our schools. I believe every school should have an armed security guard.  I believe teachers should be able to secure their classrooms. And have diligent emergency plans.  But really, having a trained security guard or others who can respond immediately is necessary for such incidents. Sadly.


Mental Health – the real culprit

“The New York Times observed: “They give lots of warning and even tell people explicitly what they plan to do.”

We are failing to report incidents to the background check. Failing to report at all in many cases. Truthfully, I believe it’s an issue of sensitivity. We are concerned and fearful because reporting is only allowed when we fear “there is an immediate danger to self or others”.  But what if we’re unsure of the immediate danger? Do we report an individual? ruin their life? have them forcibly committed? and lose their rights? – all because we had a feeling?

No, and therefore many never get reported.  But I wonder if we brought some moderation to the system. And allowed healthcare, educators, perhaps even employers, etc. to report a yellow flag.  Yellow flag meaning “It could be nothing, but something set me at unease.”  Now a single yellow flag or two would not necessarily trigger an alarm. But if a few were reported on the same individual, especially if reported by multiple separate institutions. Then an alert might be issued for an intervention.  The database would have to be very restricted, perhaps under one monitoring agency that was a combination of health professionals and law enforcement. But could a softer approach help eliminate these incidents?

Consider a soldier returning from Iraq with PTSD.  Raises a flag with family, raises another at work.  He needs help. But right now the option is often all or nothing.  You agree to be committed, or are forcibly committed and lose your rights. Who wants to do that to a man or woman who served our nation faithfully and is now struggling.

But if you could just say, “Hey, I think my patient/friend/co-worker/student/parishioner/etc needs help.” 

“The ability to hunt is part of our culture.”

I really don’t give a damn about hunting. I think it’s a good tradition. Good family bonding.  But to be seriously, I do not think it’s a constitutionally protected right. I care about the right to protect myself and the family I love.


Thoughts on the media: The media is doing everything they can to leverage this event.  And have gotten a fair amount of derision in the process (a lot of backlash in Connecticut as reporters hound classmates of the victims). Hype and agenda, how can today’s two bit media not leap at the bit.


Article on how school shootings potentially re-shape public opinion. And from the sound of the article, the future is a further divided nation politically.

Article on the quality of the media during such incidents. Also documents all the mis-information the media spews in a rush for headlines. Wrong name of shooter, wrong Facebook photo (blamed the brother by mistake), wrongly stated mother was a teacher at the school.

It is also sad how quickly the media starts spewing misinformation and stereotypes on the regular targets: Gun owners, goths, Asperger’s disorder.
Call for reason or is it?
This one is the typical misinformation, such as English Common law requiring duty to retreat. Which was only in cases of tavern fights/disputes. Not from a felon actively engaged in crime. Praises restrictions that allowed only the rich to travel armed, kind of like NYC today.
“In Chengping, Henan, China today, a deranged man slashed 22 schoolchildren with a knife. None died.”

That may be true. But many have died in other attacks since 2010. He fails to mention: March 2010 (8 children dead), April 2010 (16 students wounded, and another 28 students stabbed in a second incident), May 2010 (9 dead, 7 were children, and 11 others injured), August 2010 (3 children + teacher killed), August 2011 (eight children injured)

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Extended Magazines & Reliability

“A law enforcement source, who spoke Sunday with CNN on condition of anonymity, said the rifle jammed because of a problem with the 100-shot magazine feeding it.”

Yes, it may be tacticool to have a 100 or 200 round drum magazine. But it’s interesting to note that the mechanism (thankfully) failed the assailant.  This from what I have seen is not an uncommon occurrence. Many of these overly extended magazines push the envelope on reliability a bit too far for my consideration.

I am no expert, but if I were to rely on a magazine for my life’s well being, I would probably stick to a 20 or 30 round magazine of high quality. This also may explain the reports of people running past the assailant to escape.

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There is No BATMAN!!!

There is No BATMAN!!!

There is not denying, this is a tragedy perpetrated by a deranged individual. Some will point to this as reason to ban all guns. I have little doubt that a gun ban would not have stopped this individual. Based on reports by this was a well planned and thought out attack.  The shooter incorporated gas (be it tear or smoke, is unclear at this point) and had multiple firearms.  However, this massacre could have easily been accomplished by simply coming through an emergency exit. Chain locking it. Pouring some gasoline as he walked up the hall. Locking the entrance way. And lighting a match. In fact, such would have likely left more dead, been far more gruesome, and required a mere $20-$40 worth of investment.

I do believe that the assailant timed this deliberately with the release of the Dark Knight Rises. Clearly, the assailant is trying to associate himself to the horror of the villain’s portrayed in the Dark Knight films. The correlation between Bane and the assailant are numerous.  But in no way do I believe the movie or films like it are the cause of this style violence. This is caused by an individual with mental illness. It will be interesting to see if Sebastian’s call on there being a record of schizophrenia and mental illness for this guy will bear out to be true. But I’d put good money on it.

Here is what I learned personally. My first thought isn’t necessarily correct. Often when I am watching a movie I am carrying a pocket .380 concealed on my person. My first thought when reading this is that, with me being armed, I could potentially take down the assailant. Usually, 1-2 hits is enough to end a rampage by these crazies.  But in further reading the article it details that the assailant on top of wielding smoke grenades and multiple firearms, also was wearing a bullet proof vest. This means he was mindful and expectant of being shot (likely from police). It’s very likely my .380 would have proved insufficient (aiming a pocket pistol for a head shot in the dark is no easy feat) except at very close quarters.  That is a reminder that merely carrying a firearm is not a magic talisman.  Regardless, I’d still rather be wielding an LCP against a man with a handgun, rifle and body armor than nothing at all.

UPDATES:  News alert just stated that the assailant’s apartment is booby-trapped as well. This was not some mindless fool who decided to do this on a spur of the moment. This was well thought out and complicated. And apparently an explosive device was found at the theater.


When the mother heard… “She immediately expressed concern that her son may have been involved. “You have the right person,” she said.”–abc-news-topstories.html

This is a problem in cases like this. It seems everybody knows there is a danger, but no one seems to have done anything beforehand.  In fact, with budget cuts for the treatment of the mentally ill, the releasing of thousands of mentally ill patients back onto the streets; we can expect a greater number of violent incidents.

ABC reveals the Bloody Red Zimmerman of Florida

The media has been pretty much mucky with this case since it’s inception. I remember the video from the police station talking about how no wounds or injuries were visible.

Seriously? Did ANYONE watch that video? Granted, I couldn’t see injuries at that resolution, but the way Zimmerman was walking looked akin to a quarterback who got sacked and is limping off the field.

So now it comes out that we have a photo of Zimmerman, his head dripping in blood from numerous places. Yes, folks….say it with me….that’s an “i-n-j-u-r-y”.

Now, I am still going to stand by my original stance, the mere fact that Zimmerman was injured does not necessitate his innocence or guilt. Numerous criminals are injured in the midst of committing a crime. What it does do, is lead credance to Zimmerman’s story that he feared for his well-being. And provides him with a justification for use of force in self-defense.

What now needs to happen, is a jury needs to decided, based on all the evidence WHO they think initiated physical confrontation. That is really the deciding factor in this case to me.

If Zimmerman initiated the use of force by attempting to detain Martin, than Martin was within his right to hit, and use physical force again Zimmerman. But if Martin initiated the physical confrontation, than based upon Zimmerman’s injuries, he has a clear motivation for the use of deadly force to protect his own life.

Furthermore, there is an element I have been somewhat surprised hasn’t come out. To date, we have had a repeated claim of racism and needless shooting. But as more and more comes out regarding this case, how long until the Hispanic community begins to view Zimmerman as innocent and begin vocalizing on his behalf. No one wants to join on the side of a “baby killer”, as initially portrayed by the mainstream media. But a family man helping to keep his neighborhood safe from thugs who finds himself on the ground having his head smashed into the pavement. That is something one can sympathize with. And I think we may start to see a larger Hispanic voice start vocalizing on behalf of Zimmerman as more facts are released to the public.

H/T to ABC News


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How Guilty before Innocent Destroys Lives

There is an agency in America that has a very bizarre habit. It proclaims guilt before innocence, and seizes the most precious of things from people. Ironically, if you admit guilt they will return said precious items. Refuse to admit guilt (because of innocence) and you may never see the return of your precious.

This agency goes by many names, but essentially it’s Child Protection Services. The irony is if you admit abuse they will usually return your children and enroll you in one of their programs. This is what they want. They want admission and enrollment, because it validates the agency.

The sad irony is many children have been taken from good homes on “suspicions”, and then placed in horrible environments that lead to their death.

In this situation, the parents could not handle the loss of their child and the weight of accusations, threat of arrest, destruction of career, pushed the father to take his and his wife’s life. [As for those anti-gunners who would point to this as another example of why only the military and police should have guns. According to the article the O’Shells were both respected police officers.]

There is a reason that we have “innocent until proven guilty” as a foundation of our legal system.–abc-news-health.html

The sad irony is that when children and teens that are often abused try to report it to said agencies, they’re often returned to their abusive guardians. This is not to say that there isn’t a place for protecting children. But these agencies are Nazi-esque in how quickly they jump to conclusions and charges. And seizing peoples children when parents are innocent crosses the line of tolerance.

So to all those who think Zimmerman should be locked away or executed before he’s been tried and convicted. Realize that view destroys our nation and will lead to far worse abuses.

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Ban on Axes

Crazy ex-boyfriend goes on a murderous rampage. Girlfriend escapes, but not the new boyfriend, nor her mother whom her ex-b/f slew with an axe.

As for those evil guns, crazy murderous ex-b/f ended his rampage after putting a bullet in his head.

I don’t expect the anti-axers to come out and voice their strong opposition to axe wielding.  I guess we can be thankful that this deranged man ended his spree by his own choice – just remember, even in murder/suicide scenarios. It’s usually a bullet that has stopped the aggressor – be it a bullet from a police officer’s gun or the murderer’s.

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