Thoughts on the Zimmerman Trial and Witness Testimony


Some interesting thoughts on the testimony being given in the Zimmerman trial. I swear, this reminds me of “My Cousin Vinny”, even a bad lawyer can pretty much tear up the testimony.

Witness Bahadoor on Tuesday, who has apparently signed a petition in favor of prosecuting Zimmerman. (Which means she’s already got a strong bias.) But a number of issues exist in her testimony.

“I saw what looked as figures and arms flailing,” said Bahadoor. She says it was too dark for her to identify the individuals or to clearly see what position they were in.

This is followed by a claim that after she heard the gunshot. “It was just a body in the grass,” said Bahadoor. “I remember it being face down.”

So wait, a biased witness calling for the prosecution of Mr. Zimmerman, states that it was too dark for her to identify individuals or the position they were in. But in that exact same darkness, she can identify Mr. Martin lying face down. 

Does that strike anyone as odd? 


Next witness Surdyka, who claims she believes the yelp for help was made by the “boy”. Now here is something at play, most are assuming that since the help was high pitched, that it must be from a boy. And this is because they were shown a 13 year old kid. Mr. Martin had already gone through puberty and reached a height in excess of 6ft.  He likely had a deeper voice than Mr. Zimmerman. Heck, I’m a stocky short overweight mostly of Italian descent, and I can make a pretty high pitched yelp when caught off guard.

But here is where I think Surdyka proves her testimony is unreliable.  “I heard like from my window a pop, pop, pop.” said Surdyka. “You know I don’t know what a gun really sounds like.”

Okay, I would wager that what Surdyka was actually hearing was likely the thud of Mr. Zimmerman’s head against the cement. At least in preceding the gun shot. Why? Because one round was fired.  Not three…  at best maybe an echo of the shot. But most of Florida is damnably flat.  So I don’t think there is likely something to give that much of a delayed echo.

Her 911 call is more acurate, in that it only reports one “bang” or “pop”


“When I shut my nightlight off, and I could see two men on the ground. I knew it was something very serious,” said Surdyka.

Interesting, when she could see two men on the ground. Not a man and a little boy. Remember that, Mr. Martin was physically a match for Mr. Zimmerman.


Smart question on West’s part. Of questioning how much and what Surdyka saw, by asking about the muzzle blast. And whether she “really” saw the gun go off. I do have to admit, I’ve never seen a gun fire at night. I’d presume there would likely be some illumination. Especially from a short barreled firearm.

Jeantel, the friend who Mr. Martin was on the phone with. Is very convincing. Almost makes you believe that Mr. Martin was chased and confronted by Mr. Zimmerman. And that Mr. Zimmerman’s claim to have abandoned pursuit only to be later attacked by Mr. Martin, to be bogus.

But there are some interesting things to note…
Miami Herald has a map of the neighborhood overlaid by events.

First, Mr. Martin did not take the shortest route home. Which is something most would do in the rain.
7:09 – Mr. Zimmerman calls police to report suspicious person.

7:11 – Mr. Zimmerman reports person fleeing to back entrance, and gets out of his vehicle.  Pursues for 15 seconds before police tell him to stop.  15 seconds would likely put him in close vicinity to where the shooting transpired.

7:12 – Mr. Zimmerman informs police he is unaware of individual’s location.

7:16 (approximately) – Incident between Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Martin transpires.

At least 4 Minutes transpire between the separation and the incident. Per the map, Mr. Martin’s body was a mere 200 ft from his backyard. 

Something is very very weird, if it takes you 4-6 minutes to walk 200ft.

To give you an example, this short legged heavy set almost 40 year old was able to cover a similar distance in just under a minute walking.  Running it’d be far less.

Those four minutes literally provide enough time for Mr. Martin not only to run all the way home, but to return back to the area Mr. Zimmerman was standing at.

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