#nraam E-Z Pull Trigger Assist

E-Z Pull is a little device that you mount on your trigger guard. It essentially creates an opposing cantilevered trigger. The creators claim that it will reduce trigger pull by 50%.

They have a test unit set up. And I’d have to agree with them. I’d wager it was about a 60% reduction in force and it was a much smoother pull.

Would really like to get ahold of one of these for further review and testing.

On criticism, they use tightening screws to mount and I always find such troublesome. (ie: Screws loosen without locktite nor can the unit be quickly and easily removed. Screws can also scratch and damage the trigger guards finish.)

I think if the mount was modified to have a quick release locking pressure clamp that this could really be a nice accessory.



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Blue Sheep Dog expounds on “Dangerous Carry”

I once purchased a holster for my GP100. It has the full barrel shroud and a thicker barrel than the average 6″ revolver.  As such, I had difficulty finding suitable holsters that did not bust the piggy bank.

One day I purchased a used leather holster out of a “bargain box”.  I was told it was a good fit, but voiced my concern regarding the trigger not being fully covered. My concerns were dismissed.  I’ve never used the holster, while a double-action trigger pull may in fact be sufficient a defense in many situations. I am personally uncomfortable with an exposed trigger. Why?

Because on occasions I’ve found a thread of my shirt, a lanyard, a fence catch on a part of me or my garments with enough force to imbalance me or trip me up. Therefore, how am I to expect a mere 12lb trigger to be sufficient in such a scenario? It just can’t. And that’s why I am of the opinion that every holster should ensure that the trigger is inaccessible.  This is done via a combination of two methods that I am aware of:

  1. coverage –  the trigger must be covered and not exposed to external sources.
  2. guard strength – the coverage provided by the holster must be sufficiently hard to prevent an object from manipulating through the covering (eg: hard pointy object can easily manipulate a trigger through soft thin supple leather)

Apparently, I am not alone in my opinion that a holster that does not protect the trigger is inadequate for carry purposes.  While I am sure some would disagree with me. Heck, there are people out there who’ve been Mexican carrying firearms for longer than I’ve owned a gun; I am still of the opinion that it is a needless risk to safety. The less we chance to Uncle Murphy the better.

Check out Richard’s post over on Blue Sheep Dog regarding some examples he views as being “Dangerous Carry”

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