If we can’t trust our Senators…who can we trust?

U.S. Senator Rand Paul was stopped by TSA and prevented from boarding a flight. Apparently, he triggered an alarm while going through the body scanner. He refused a pat down, but had offered to go through the scanner again.

It’s pretty sad, when a Senator, son of a Presidential candidate, is unable to board a flight courtesy of the TSA. And while I know that many will say we should all be treated equal, to which I mostly agree, but I must state that if we are really that afraid of our top elected officials being terrorists. Then we have serious, serious, problems.

[UPDATE: May even be some breach of power issues in this case as well.]

SECTION 6 of the Constitution reads “They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”
The one good side to this incident is that the Silly TSA agents just gave one of their biggest opponents extra ammunition.

There was a time I was concerned to fly because of Al Quaeda. There was a one in a million chance I might be terrorized. Now, thanks to the TSA, I am nearly guaranteed to be terrorized. I have not flown since the TSA scanner/pat down policies were implemented. Thankfully, I’ve been able to avoid this conflict. My concern is increased with reports that the TSA seems to be increasingly leaving their airports, and train stations to venture onto American highways.

ARTICLES [1] [2] [3]

We all talk about lines in the sand. Where do we draw them? How do we draw them? I believe unwarranted random stops, searches and seizures on the part of the TSA violate the Constitution. When should a U.S. citizen simply continue driving in civil disobedience. (Yes, there will be consequences. But there were consequences for Rosa Parks when she rode the bus.)

When does one say enough of the slippery slope? I do not know…but I am greatly saddened that my fear of our own government agencies is surpassing my fear of Al-Quaeda. Is this the “Victory” in the war on terror we were looking for?

Will I one day find myself detained for simply having “Ron Paul 2012” emblazened on my bumper? If so, what do we do America?

One of the biggest reasons I am supporting Ron Paul in this election, is because I believe we are heading toward a tipping point. And we need someone who will absolutely say “We won’t go there.” And for all the talk of candidates, there is only one who has made that stance.

I don’t want to ever have to face my lines in the sand. I know a few of them, that I will not let be crossed. Those pretty much involve the harm and/or detention of my children or wife. Most others are still gray and in the distant fog. I want them to stay that way. I don’t want them to ever be close enough that I will be able to see them defined with their edges.

I want to continue believing in and loving America!

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Is America Safe? That DEPENDS…

Are you afraid of the big bad grandma? I’m not…but TSA seems to be petrified that such a woman, 95 yrs old and dying of cancer, might just be a terrorist.

So what made TSA so fearful? Why the 95 yr old in struggling health wears a Depends (diapers for adults) , and were unable to feel the old woman’s vagina. This terrified the TSA agents, and necessitated the 95 year old woman be moved to a protected area. She was forced to remove her diaper and travel without underwear for the entire flight so that TSA agents could ensure she was not carrying a weapon or a bomb in her vagina.


Is this the America we want for our children?

Please contact your representatives and say “enough is enough”, and please, do not vote for any politician who continues to support the TSA’s ridiculous policies.


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TSA Abuse Post

The following post will be updated as a log of ongoing TSA abuse.


Handicap child forced to remove leg braces and walk. Risking health and injury

Mother harassed over breast milk. Shows TSA workers the official TSA policies; which they ignore and harass her.

Because a little boy needs his penis played with by a TSA. http://www.thebredafallacy.com/2010/11/okay-tsa.html

Maybe the government needs to apologize to the Catholic church as they’ve paid out nearly $2 billion for similar behavior.

More TSA strip search/groping of children…

TSA, make them cry like a little girl

TSA – if fear doesn’t make you piss your pants, the TSA will do it for you.

TSA – breast cancer victim? prove it…shows us your fake boob. Maybe we need a pink TSA logo for this one.
(Oh, did we mention she is an airline stewardess. So we trust this person to work on the airline, handle knives, etc. Just not wear a prosthetic.)

TSA forces woman to remove nipple piercing
& TSA’s statement to revise policy

TSA – Your technology is cooler than ours. No way that Macbook Air can be a laptop. “Do not pass thru. Do not catch your flight. We’re ignoramuses.”

Man goes through TSA with two 12″ razor blades….ooops!

Maybe this would make TSA happy. Sure hard to hide things while naked.

Oh wait, trying to make TSA’s job easier will just get you arrested

TSA sexually abuses Wesley Crusher
(Seriously though, if what happened to Wil Wheaton happened to your child by anyone but a TSA agent. You’d call 9-1-1 and be filing sexual abuse charges.)

TSA fears that a 95 year old elderly woman might be hiding a dangerous weapon or bomb up her vagina. Forces her to take off her Depends diaper.

TSA – we like to steal your stuff. Article details TSA worker stealing $5,000 and several other known incidents.
(Maybe TSA screeners should be forced to go through the screeners when they leave work.)


(Do something, contact your officials!)

DISCLAIMER: It can be hard to verify all of these. Most appear to be fact. If one of the cases is hoax, please let me know so I can remove it. If you are aware of another serious case of bad ethics and violation of our Constitutionally protected rights. Please comment below and I’ll add it to this post.

Where’s Glenn’s Gun?

Talk-show host and TV celebrity Glenn Beck had an interesting experience flying. Glenn happens to be a citizen of the United States of America. By that, I mean he is a gun owner – not a subject.

Glenn had the pleasure of checking a firearm; in none other than NYC.  At first he was handed the form for law enforcement. Because as every good citizen of NYC knows, the only people who should have guns are the police!

When Glenn informed the attendant at the counter that he was not law enforcement the demeanor changed.  Ironically, while there was so much concern about a citizen having a firearm. There was not enough concern to ensure safe travel of his firearm.  While Glenn wound up on the West coast his firearm wound up in Canada of all places.

Read more…

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