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Those of my generation are quite aware of the influence of the internet.  Many in their twenties and early thirties utilize the internet on a daily basis. We have no landlines, just web enabled cell phones and high speed data lines (who needs an old telephone line?).  However, much of the gun community is unfamiliar with the internet, new media, or social networking.

The National Rifle Association is making some strong progress toward changing that…





And of course the websites of the NRA (join if you’re not already a member) and the NRA-ILA (sign up and join the ranks of those fighting for our rights)

House Resolution 197

National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2009
[If you’ve not seen Open Congress. It is a great site. I recommend that you sign-up as this allows you to follow bills, congressmen, etc. is a superb tool for the activist.]

I’d like to see this bill more than any other pro-gun resolution pass.  Because this bill is what could allow me to protect my family almost anywhere in the nation. I understand that some people object to such legislation and carry permits in general – exclaiming this is a right specified in the Constitution and we shouldn’t need a permit. While that may be true…it’s far from reality. And this would go a long ways to improving that reality.

Please contact your Congressional representative ask them to co-sponsor this bill.

Lastly, consider contact Jason Chaffetz who is on the House Judiciary comittee.

In fact, if you’re on Twitter, add Jason Chaffetz and send him a tweet in support of H.R. 197.   So if you Tweet, let Jason know we really want to see this bill become a reality.

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