LAX Shooting -the Day America Civil War began…

UPDATE: Gerardo Hernandez, who would have turned 40 next week. He is the first TSA officer killed in the line of duty. While I greatly despise the TSA.  It is good remember that those working are really just average Joe’s.  The policies are set in DC. That is where we need to enact change. VOTE ‘EM OUT!!!!


LAX Shooting, the TSA, and broken security….that was the original title upon hearing about the shooting. I wrote the entirety of the article below the link based on that topic. But part of me wondered, was this shooting directed at the TSA itself?  Was this the first person to say that they were willing to give up their life to stand up against the TSA/NSA/etc.

We didn’t know…

But the latest report is that the shooter went around asking “”Hey, are you TSA?” and — if a person answered “no” — he would move on, according to the official”. 

If true, this wasn’t a mad man nor was this a terrorist (he wasn’t attacking civilians). This was out and out rebellion against the government.   I wager the NSA had just as much influence in the shooter’s decision, they likely just found the TSA a much more available target. Today most American’s may not realize it. But this may date, 11-1, may be more monumental that 9-11. What, I’m crazy you say….how could a couple of TSA agents being shot equate to the worst attack in modern history on America? Can’t I see the Twin Towers are gone, GONE!!!

Yes, but one needs to remember history.  Powder kegs are often preceded by several matches.  When did the American revolution begin? Did it begin on July 4, 1776?  Did it begin in December 16, 1773 at the Boston Tea Party?  Or did it begin March 5, 1770 when Crispus Attucks was killed at the Boston Massacre?

What becomes the measuring point?   Is it when one man stands in opposition? 10?  100?

We can debate the morality of this shooting.  But I do not look at this event as an act of terrorism, nor some deranged lunatic. Had it been those, the targets would have been anyone near by. This was an act of war, declared by one individual against a government which is increasingly becoming invasive and tyrannical. 

And that is why, some ways, today, 11-1 is scarier than 9-11. My point is THIS shooting is DIFFERENT


The CNN report is that the shooter drew an assault rifle from out of a bag and began to fire. The result is one TSA officer killed, and two individuals injured. (Are the other injuries TSA officers as well or just civilians? The reason I ask is because it could point to a motive.)
Having just flown from the West to the East Coast on Wednesday. This stirs up a lot of feelings.  First off, while a tragedy. TSA is security, that is who WE WANT to have be killed in these type of situations. So in thise case, it appears at least one TSA officer did their job.
That said, it does show just how ineffective security at airports really is.  First off, TSA has always been “responsive” rather than “proactive”.  Considering that there are almost no two terrorist attacks that are the same, this seems to pose a significant failing.
Second, most of the policies are focused on reaction, and usually with little intelligence or insight.  We have to take off our shoes because Mr Reid tried to blow his up. By this same logic, why do we not have to take off our underwear after the Underwear bomber’s attempt?
It pretty much confirms that the checks imposed upon us by the TSA are mainly security theater. They give the perception of safety and effectiveness but really do not accomplish much.
The article states
“A gunman concealing an assault rifle walked up to a Los Angeles International Airport checkpoint and opened fire on a TSA agent Friday morning”
If this is the case, it almost appears that TSA itself was the intended target. And having seen some of the videos of TSA abuse, I wonder if we are going to identify this individual as one of the victims of TSA abuse. And suddenly have a case where not a single camera in the area will have the video of the prior incident.
Is this incident part of a brewing backlash against the TSA?
I don’t know…

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Government Sponsored Terrorism

We have reports of armed police intimidating, threatening, arresting citizens for visiting parks, monuments, and memorials.

We have accounts of residents forced from their homes. Businesses with decades old leases who’ve gone through 18 government shutdowns being forced to close. (Ironically, they are not forced to not have to pay their lease or taxes.) Mind you, some of these are probably illegal actions. As a lease grants certain rights. For instance if you leased a building to a restauraunt, you cannot simply tell the restauraunt owner that they have to shutdown.  Of course, they can fight it in the courts – when those reopen.

There is even a report of the Federal police placing cones to block off a “scenic pullover” spot along a highway. God forbid you stop your car and take a picture while the government is shutdown.

Seriously, I’d love to organize a hundred (or more) citizens and prior service members to all go down and visit the Washington mall memorials with our families.  And when the officer approaches to deny, we explain kindly, that we are visiting these memorials. Unless you’re prepared to tazer a man with a baby strapped to his back. In which case consider your actions carefully, and don’t think to say “I was just following orders” so were the nazis. And consider there are a 100 of us, and 1 of you.

Sorry, but I am sick of being spied on, tracked, and now prevented from visiting rocks.

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Big Brother getting better glasses?

Gigapixel cameras on the horizon. What’s frightening is that a few well placed cameras of this type could theoretically monitor entire blocks with the detail level of having a man on the ground with an DSLR.



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SWAT busts man for growing potted plants

Once again our government resorts to SWAT first, questions later.   A 60 yr old woman’s house is ransacked by a SWAT team for the “Fish & Wildlife Service”.    Her husband served two years  in Federal Prison.  What was his crime?  “Orchids”

That’s right folks. Mr. Norris, a retiree spending his waning years growing, selling and importing orchids.  He fell afoul of the Federal regulations implemented after an internation treaty was signed to control the trade in flora and fauna.  So was Mr. Norris importing illegal varieties of protected species of orchids? Nope.  They were all legal. He just didn’t fill out all the new paperwork properly.   So a  6 month investigation, a SWAT raid, and 2 yrs in the slammer. For growing flowers…(and not even the kind one smokes).

Can we say “ridiculous”…or it would be if a man didn’t spend 2 yrs in jail for growing orchids.  Why didn’t the investigation simply approach the Norris family?  Why did they feel an entire SWAT team was necessary for the arrest of Mr. Norris.

Folks…there is absolutely NO excuse for a government to behave in such a manner.  Such are the acts of tyranny.  And if not for the 2nd Amendment, I fear such acts would be commonplace.

“The Norrises’ nightmare began with the search in October 2003. It didn’t end until Mr. Norris was released from federal supervision in December 2008. His wife testified, however, that even after he came home, the man she had married was still gone. He was by then 71 years old. Unsurprisingly, serving two years as a federal convict – in addition to the years it took to defend unsuccessfully against the charges – had taken a severe toll on him mentally, emotionally and physically.”


I am going to say something to my readers, and it is of the utmost concern that you listen.  Regardless of whether you are registered a Republican or Democrat, regardless of whether your morals lean liberal or conservative.  You need to become a Libertarian.

If we do not become Libertarians than we will see tyranny.  For things as trivial as “lilies & orchids”.  We will fill our prisons up with those who committed victimless & political crimes, while the real criminals will fill our streets.  In the name of stopping crime, we will be disarmed.

Remember, the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.  That mandatory seat belt law looks like a good thing, but is in reality a breach of liberty.  One that could arrest a parent and lock them away – destroying a family.  I am all for the use of seatbelts. I just don’t think we need a law making it a crime.

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