Reflecting on why I find the SR-556 attractive?

It’s kind of bothered me for a while. Why do I like the SR-556?  Why do I find it attractive…

That may sound odd to many gunnies. But in the past I’ve not been a big fan of AR style rifles. I thought of them as rather ugly.

So I started looking at ARs/M4s/etc to see what aesthetics were affecting me.

The first example is the traditional M16 look with the handle/sight, etc. The rounded barrel shroud also does not appeal to me. While I might give it a nod for nastalgia. And admit that the handle has it’s practical use. This traditional design never appealed to me.

The Tacticool AR. It’s go all the hodgepodge of accessories, for grip, rails, fixed sights, elevated scope/reddot/etc. Perhaps effective, such configurations leave little to aesthetics.

I also tend not to like that raised triangular sight on a lot of ARs.  And the bulky quad rails bring back memories of my old LEGO set.

[Please check out the blog Famous Guns which I discovered tonight while looking for images of AR platform rifles.]

Now, granted I thought the bolt with the etched phoenix logo was especially gorgeous.  But that alone wouldn’t do it for me…

That’s when I realized what it was I liked about the Ruger SR-556 configuration.  It took a very minimalist feel.

The top rail extends across the entire top of the rifle in a singular appearance.  Providing a nice aesthetic line.  The sights are minimalist in the amount of space they take up both in the raised and lowered positions.

It has the quad rails, but they are covered by protective panels. This gives the perception of comfort. Where before there was merely the jarring jaggedness of rails.

For whatever reason it makes me think of the Earth Alliance ships from Babylon 5.

(Okay, so that probably looks a bit more like an XM8.)


So yes, I want a Ruger SR-556…can’t you tell. *LOL*

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