Vote and Win (a Glock)

A Georgia outfitter is apparently advertising a Get out the Vote campaign with a chance to win a Glock (wish a FFL near me was doing this, is it too late to change my voter registration?)–abc-news-politics.html

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Don’t forget to VOTE (PA Residents)

NRA Endorsements can be found here:


District 4 Residents – Please consider voting for Thomas Parsley as Delegate to the Republican Convention. He is my father-in-law, and a very strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution.



U.S. House of Representatives

District 4

[NRA Endorsed] Scott Perry  – one of the main proponents for PA’s Castle Doctrine.

[AQ] Eric Martin, Ted Waga, Chris Reilly

NOTE: AQ = Answered Questionnaire with positive answers but that there is no voting record.

District 18

[NRA Endorsed]  Tim Murphy

[AQ] Evan Feinberg


State Senate

District 23

[NRA Endorsed] Gene Yaw

District 29

[NRA Endorsed] David Argall



Delegates for Ron Paul in Districts 4, 11, & 15.

District 4Delegates

Thomas Bryan Parsley
Suzanne C. Doller
Elizabeth Roberts
Dave Talley

District 4Alternates
Derek Cotton
Dave Garry
Chad Nagle
Seth M. Shoemaker
Dave Talley


District 11Delegates & Alternates

Michael Anderson
Michael Harrison
Joe Zapach
Holly Anderson (alternate)

District 15 – Delegates & Alternates

Ellen Blickman
Russ Diamond
Rich Piotrowski
Chris Donatelli (alternate)
John Lax (alternate)
Todd Schulber (alternate)

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